If I met the pines a gravity falls story going through all the episodes of season 1 and two! By yours truly
If I met the pines 

a gravity falls story going through all the episodes of season 1 and two! 

By yours truly gravity falls stories
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myher07ocs Gravity falls! ghost stories!
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this is a gravity falls story through season one and two! If i was in the show!
I hope you enjoy

If I met the pines a gravity falls story going through all the episodes of season 1 and two! By yours truly

If I met the pines Season 1 Episode 1 "Tourist trapped" Chapter 1

Ah, Summer break, the best time to take a break from school and take it easy.....unless..your me

I screamed as I held onto the Golf cart, dipper was driving as mabel held on for dear life, "Dipper your a terrible driver!" I yelled at him from the back seat. "Shut up Braedyn! Can't you see we are running away from a monster!!" he yelled. "Its getting closer!" Mabel yelled. the monster tried grabbing for the golf cart almost grabbing me.

My name is Braedyn, the boy driving the golf cart is Dipper, and the girl about to puke is his twin sister Mabel. You might be wondering why we are in a golf running away from our certain doom. A tree flew into the road, the golf cart started spinning and we all screamed.

Well let's start from the Beginning.

I was working at the mystery shack for my summer job, it was just little cabin in the middle of the woods that was filled with somewhat "mystery."

When i met Mabel and Dipper the first time they were so sweet, they were only one year than me.

They were my boss's grand niece and nephew, his name is Stan Pines, and boy was he a jerk and as well as a knock off.

Mabel was the kind of person that always looks on the bright side of things, While dipper seemed to be having trouble getting used to his new surroundings. But they were still the best duo in all of Gravity Falls, Stan could be a little bit more nicer instead of coming out at random parts of the day and scaring the living life out of you.

Stan turned his whole house into a tourist trap, everything in there looked cool but....It was fake, I do not know hwo these tourist seemed so interested in these fake artifacts, oh I know cause they are tourists!

Dipper and Mabel started to Help around the shack, And it seemed to be the boring routine all summer, until something happened that day...

I was behind the counter sitting beside Wendy watching Mabel trying to get a date which....never works out.

"Mabel I know you're going through your whole boy crazy phase but i think you're kind of overdoing it." Dipper said cleaning some of the merchandise around the gift shop. "Sorry Mabel but I have to agree with him" I said looking at her. "what!" Mabel yelled then started arguing with Dipper. But it seemed pretty normal, "Stan just wants money from every tourist he sees."

"watch your mouth Braedyn or your not doing to get your paycheck this week!" Stan said coming out of the back room. "Ok I need someone to go hang up these signs for me outside" Stan said, I already knew the twins didn't want to put up the signs neither Soos or Wendy.

Stan chose Dipper to put up the signs, I watched as they argued. "Don't worry Dipper I'll go with you' I said smiling as we both headed outside to put up the signs.

We started to put up signs on almost every single tree we saw "no one believes what I say anymore" Dipper said annoyed as he hammered a nail into a tree, "Well I believe you Dipper, I've seen some pretty weird things around here too" I said to him smiling.

I heard a loud crash as Dipper tried hammering a nail into a tree, "what was that?" I asked him as he touched the tree and pulled open a door to a little compartment.

"Whoa.." I watched him as he started messing around with a box that has switches on it, Something opened behind up and we both looked back and looked down the hole. "a book?" I said confused, Dipper picked it up and blew off the dust to reveal a hand print on it with six fingers instead of five.

"isnt that a find" he said as he placed down the book and started to read aloud, and i looked at the different pages.

"Gnomes? Those things don't come alive, they just stand in your yard and do nothing"

"Hello!" Mabel yelled from behind us scaring Dipper and I, "what are you reading?! Some kind of nerd book!?" she yelled "lets go somewhere private so we we can show her" I said

To be continued chapter 2 will come out soon

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