The Challenges of Building a Hardware Startup
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Flow Labs is a startup that aims to change how people think of water usage. Won the Best Social Impact Award at the LAUNCH Festival.

The Challenges of Building a Hardware Startup

by Jimit Shah and Nishant Garg, co-founders of Flow Labs

Biggest difference between building hardware & software

At a high level, the biggest difference is in how the product development happens. Software companies can quickly iterate their products - something hardware companies don't have the luxury of.

Start w/ the easiest version of what you're trying to build

Test the functionality with potential customers, and incrementally add new features and design.

Get a lot of customer feedback before adding new features.

Flow Labs aims to change how people think of water usage.

Our vision is to give everyone detailed knowledge of their water use, provide actionable insights, and empower users to control their usage, so we can collectively save water, energy, and money.

Hardware is an important component to our business

Developing a piece of hardware is hard in itself. However, developing a low cost solution that can work in different environments makes it much much harder.

Check out our website here:

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