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Dear Bestfriend I don't feel good

Dear Best friend

Dear Best friend

I don't feel good

I feel like I'm not wanted

I feel isolated from everyone

I want to go home

I miss my cousin

When he died I lost a part of me

I hit depression real hard and still have it

I feel so insecure about everything

I don't feel loved

Am I good enough?

Are you there?

Don't leave me

Wait don't go, I'll get better

I promise

Just stay

Thank you for staying

I really needed that

I don't like when you ask questions like that

Please stop

I'm sorry best friend

I didn't mean it

I don't like it here

You have no idea how rough it is at home

Have you ever been questioned about life?

Cause I have every day

I always smile

So you can't see my pain

Depression is always there

But I choose not to show it

Have you ever tried to kill yourself?

Cause I have

I tried to hold my breath

But couldn't do it

I tried to cut my wrist

But I just couldn't do it

I'm just want to die

Or fall asleep

And never wake back up

Best Friend?

Best Friend??

Best Friend!

Best Friend!!

Best Friend!!!

Guess what?

I'm going to a therapist

I'm beginning to be happy now

Every now and then I have a relapse

And I start to feel down every day

But I'll keep my head up

I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

I can't do this anymore goodbye

I see you from heaven

And I wish i never killed myself

I can now see how much you and everyone else cared

Just know that I'm sorry

And I love you


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