Murder Apocolypse - Chapter 1.1 [The Beginning]
Murder Apocolypse - Chapter 1.1 [The Beginning] horror stories

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Chapter 1.1 - The Beginning.
Case files start to fly by. What will this department do?

By: Hae

Murder Apocolypse - Chapter 1.1 [The Beginning]

by Hae

Darkness. Shadows. His identity will never be found. A beginning varsity for unsolved cases and criminal records leading to more murder, more disobeyed rules.

More slashing, more injuries, murder, murder... MURDER! The academy of murder apocalypse has arisen.

For those people who survived during those tortures, wouldn't they be traumatised, scared, running for their lives or in psychopathic hospitals?

Their next thoughts would always be "Who should I kill next?" Their next plans are always about murder, and nothing else.

No one knew that killers in general would become one of the smartest geniuses who seems to act normal and has set an excellent career path set for themselves.

Citizens never knew there was such an extravagant academy for having further creations into different types of murder.

It is a college surrounded by egoistic students and professors, and their principal too was the worst amongst them. You don't know where their targets are, you will never know.

Located in a city named Barcelona, everyone is worried and terrified that they would be the next target.

People do know that there are many killers, but what they don't know is how the academy was built.

Year of 2015, the academy was once family-oriented, and incredibly traditional. They all celebrated every culture's traditions, a wide variety of cultural food, festivals, and events were held.

EVERYONE was enjoying their life. Until... a dystopian world was brought amongst them.

The whole city knows that this killer is one of the most popular, most skilled and one of the most wanted out there.

Posters by the streets are stuck down on the walls through the corridors like an endless gateway, those posters of missing people will never stop coming.

Imagine pigeons sending out notices to the FBI, this is how he is HINTING them.

Is it a mystery, you call it? Indeed it is.


Barcelona police officers are discussing about the problems of the serial killer

"It's getting worse." Jack sighs.

"What is getting worse?" Rose asks.

"The murder cases, my dear." Jack replied while yawning being exhausted.

Jack opens the pile of unsolved cases and scims through them again. "Are these cases possible to solve?" He asked curiously.

"Recently, none of our colleagues are able to solve it. " David overheard and replied.

"Even regional team one with the best detectives can't even solve it! Isn't that unusual?" Rose continued to answer Jack's question.

"Wow, that's absurd!" replied Jack.

"Yeah." David and Rose said.

"What happens if we are the ones who can solve these mystery cases?" Jack asked again.

"Are you nuts? We three all together are literally in the lowest division of the whole ENTIRE office! Our abilities aren't even enough to just solve 10 cases at the same time all together.

" Rose replied.

David just nods and concentrates onto his phone.

The team continued to discuss this matter until David had thought of an absolute idea.

"But on a second thought, we can still try right.." David said.

"THANK YOU David for mentioning that. Seriously guys, let's at least try to solve one case. JUST ONE! Please..." Jack begs.

"Fine, FINE! Don't have to put those puppy eyes to beg mister... Alright, let's pick just ONE case." Rose rolls her eyes, feeling annoyed.

Once their discussion was over, Jack decided to look at the piles of unsolved cases. There are five boxes of files to pick from. In fact, he chooses the third box.

[ Author's note: If you didn't know, Jack's favorite number is three. Obviously he would pick that one....

] As his fingertips touched the dusty old box, piles of evidence were slowly taken out of the box, but something didn't feel quite right...

"Hey guys, why are all these files just connecting to the first file laying on top?" Jack asked.

"You're right, picked the hardest case Jack." David said disappointingly.

"NOT LIKE I WOULD KNOW, okay?" Jack feels guilty.

Jack continues to stack the endless files. As time passed by, they finally finished reading through it.

Barcelona Union Police Department

Case file: No. 158


Legal Issue: crime act, law 101: homicides, crime of continous murder.

History: Murders began in 2009, first homicide at St. King's college.

Name of victim: Angelina Becky Joseph, died at age 18.

Cause of death: homicide, excessive stab marks by the stomach, restraint bruise marks by her wrists.

"Well this specific case doesn't seem like a problem to solve. So, let's begin. Team!" Jack cheers.

Everyone sighs so dramatically, but Jack himself is very keen about solving this case. In the files, Jack realised there was some missing evidence in relation to this case.

"Guys, don't you think something is missing? There's a piece of handwriting that didn't finish its sentence." Jack said.

"Yeah, you're not wrong. What does it say?" David asked.

"Well, it said; HELP ME! Someone is coming for a person named Angelina Becky Joseph, we studied in the same college. Never met each other. But I know something will happen..

I just hope she won't be in danger! It's because right now, I am dying in...." as Jack reads, he sees faint blood smears remaining on the piece of crumpled paper.

"Wait, why isn't this note finished? Was this girl dying when she was writing it?" Rose asked, then cursed quietly.

"Well Rose, we got to find out." David replied coldly.


Slowly, the group hears heavy, grunting footsteps, they now know that the chief is going to check on them.


"Apologies chief, we didn't mean to. But to be honest, none of us wanted to look at these... Jack did, actually." sighed at Jack as David puts the blame on him.

"Shame on you for blaming me, David." Jack mumbles. Rose secretly giggles.


"Yikes, chief is crazy strict sometimes..." Jack slowly stands up and tidies away the files.

The group had many thoughts when the chief was screaming at their ears, like a monster. They decided to cut off their conversation and work on other documents that they had to do.

Lots and lots of checking, those documents had their eyes drop out of their sockets.

Rose continuously whines about how many words that have to be double checked, David just stays calm and does his work as usual.

Whilst Jack just continuously shakes his head, and yawns while drinking his third can of red bull.

"I'm so exhausted!" Rose said. She stretches and gets up from her chair.

"Agreed." David replied, looking like his soul left him already.

As it passed midnight, Jack suddenly thought of a horrible yet brilliant idea.

"Guys, what if we took some of those files home? Would the chief notice if we only take a small amount per day, and then put it back into its original place?" Jack questioned.

"Wow, you always have crazy ideas Jack." David shakes his head and sighs more.

"I mean, sure if you want to get tortured by the chief! Very worth a try JACK..." Rose replies with sarcasm and laughs softly.

Jack acts in a very mighty, stubborn way, and said "You guys can go ahead first, I actually haven't finished checking all the paperwork that the chief gave us. You know, I was procrastinating."

"Alright, Rose and I will leave first. Keys all yours mate." David replied.

Little did they know, Jack is an incredibly insane liar sometimes... Jack slowly panics, rummages through the file he took out, and stuffed it carefully into his backpack.

"This will do..." He mumbles.

He hurriedly rushed to the door, closed the office down, and locked it with dangling keys on his right hand. Jack continues to walk along the office corridors, humming a song from Katy Perry.

He presses the elevator button with his right hand, waiting patiently...

Suddenly, Jack got a terrible headache.

"Ow, that hurts. Oh god... This is why I hate being alone sometimes." Jack said quietly.

"Jack, you got this. Get through it!" Jack talks to himself.

As he handles his headache like a 'breeze', he gradually feels something weird inside him that is happening, an unusual reaction to repressed memory perhaps?

To be continued.

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