Together Again Disclaimer: This is a Tailsmo (Tails x Cosmo) fanfiction, based off of Sonic The Hedgehog's anime, Sonic X. All of the characters belong to the franchise.
Together Again

Disclaimer: This is a Tailsmo (Tails x Cosmo) fanfiction, based off of Sonic The Hedgehog's anime, Sonic X. All of the characters belong to the franchise. sonicthehedgehog stories

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After Tails' breakdown at remembering Cosmo's death, the fox flees to find a place where he can be by himself. Upon reaching the beach, Tails encounters someone he never believed he would see again.

Together Again Disclaimer: This is a Tailsmo (Tails x Cosmo) fanfiction, based off of Sonic The Hedgehog's anime, Sonic X. All of the characters belong to the franchise.

Tails got out from underneath the Tornado as he made edits to it, a cheerful smile on his face as he went over to the table that had his tools spread out on it.

"Just one more adjustment," he mumbled to himself, grabbing the wrench and returning quickly over to the Tornado. The only noise was the turning of the wrench he held, and he sighed quietly as he made his last fix, putting his tools away for the day. He couldn't help but remember the time Cosmo had been with him when he had been working on the plane.

At the thought of Cosmo, Tails felt a wave of sorrow mixed with guilt wash over him, and he shook his head firmly, slamming the lid on his toolbox once he put the tools away. "I won't think about her!" Tails told himself fiercely. "I said I would stop!" He paused and glanced at the windowsill that had a pot on it, and inside the pot was a blooming flower.

The two-tailed fox went over to the windowsill and carefully took the pot, looking down at the flower. It was small, but beautiful all the same. It was difficult for Tails to believe only a few years had passed since Sonic had found and given the seed to him; it felt like it had been an eternity without Cosmo.

His thoughts immediately returned to the green-haired girl, and he shook as he remembered the dreadful moment of when he had no choice but to end her. "I'm sorry, Cosmo," the fox whimpered, bitter tears stinging his eyes. He quickly used one hand to wipe them away, then, in a hurry, he got ready to put the pot back down on the windowsill, but before he knew it, he dropped it!

Tails froze for a minute, staring in disbelief at what he had done. Then the tears fell faster, and he fell on his knees in desperation, looking for the flower. But it had vanished, and all the fox could see was the broken pieces of the pot laying dejectedly on the floor.

"The flower..." Tails could barely form the words as he searched the floor for it. "It's the only thing...the only thing I have left of..." He broke off his sentence as he wiped his eyes again with the back of his hand. Then, unable to find the flower, he slowly pulled his hand back, the tears continuing to fall.

"How could I do that?!" Tails exclaimed in a sudden burst of anger. "I had one reminder left of Cosmo! One! And I go and lose it!" In a blind rage of fury and depression, the fox left the broken pot behind, planning to clean it up later as he left his workshop and flew off towards the beach to be by himself.

Tails was at the beach in just a few minutes, and he sat down on the ground. Watching the tide come in and out soothed the fox's anger, but it could not cease the sorrow Tails' heart still felt.

A cold wind blew, and Tails shivered, curling his tails around him for warmth. He looked around the beach, expecting no one to be there, but what he saw shocked him more than anything else could.

There, on the other side of the beach near the shore, was a Seedrian with short green hair, two small rosebuds were in it, one at each side of her head. She had a dress that was long and white with green edges, and in the middle of her chest was an orb. She was out cold.

Tails' jaw dropped slowly, and he stared at the green figure almost as if he didn't believe she was actually there. Hesitantly he got up and walked toward her. Then the fear was gone, and he was by her side in an instant, trembling as he grabbed his friend's shoulders and shook her in an attempt to wake her up. "Cosmo!!"

The girl's eyes immediately opened in surprise and confusion, and she jerked up, her eyes large as she stared at Tails. The fox's blue eyes were overwhelmed by tears, and his vision was so blurry he could hardly see her. "I-is this r-really you?" Tails stammered, looking straight at her.

"I...e-excuse me," Cosmo hesitated, looking away from the fox. "Where...where am I?" "The beach," Tails began to explain, but Cosmo asked another question-one he was not prepared for. "And excuse me for asking...but...who are you?" Cosmo asked quietly, looking back at Tails. He stared at her in silence, and it felt like his heart had been stabbed with a pain sharper than before.

" don't remember me?" "No...should I?" Tails looked distraught, but then he grabbed her shoulders again, this time with a more desperate hold, and his eyes begged her to remember who he was. "Cosmo, it's Tails! Miles Prower! You know me!" he exclaimed despairingly.

It took a few seconds for Cosmo to remember, but her memories fell into place, and she recognized who he was. Happy tears slowly filled her eyes as she wrapped her arms around Tails in a tight hug, and the fox cried with her, never wanting to let her go. "Tails..." Cosmo murmured, her tone soft. "C-Cosmo...h-how are you back?" Tails asked in a shaky voice. "I...I killed..."

Cosmo tightened their embrace, and she whispered gently, "I don't know, Tails...I don't remember. But I'm back." Tails nodded briefly as he brushed his tears away, but it was futile, because they kept coming. Cosmo smiled at him and kissed his cheek, saying sweetly and quietly, "I missed you, Tails." "I m-missed you too, Cosmo," Tails replied in a low voice, and their eyes locked.

It was nighttime now, and the stars lit up the sky with a bright glow. Tails and Cosmo looked up, and more memories began rushing back to them. "Do you remember the time similar to this, when we watched the stars together?" Cosmo asked Tails, and he nodded quickly, a slight blush coloring his cheeks. "I remember everything, Cosmo."

"It's wonderful to be able to do something like that again," Cosmo said in her soft voice, smiling at the star-filled sky. "Especially since I didn't think I would ever..." Tails' voice faltered, and he mumbled, "see you again." Cosmo took Tails' hand into hers and held it firmly, as if to say she would never leave him again. Tails' face reddened even more, and he choked out, "C-Cosmo?"

"Yes, Tails?" "There's s-something I've...a-always wanted to t-tell you..." "What?" Cosmo inquired curiously, looking into the fox's eyes. "I...I r-really l-like..." Tails began nervously, looking bashfully down at the ground. "What I mean is...I like you...Cosmo." Cosmo appeared surprised for a moment, and at first Tails thought she didn't like him back.

But then Cosmo kissed Tails tenderly on his cheek and answered in a voice he could scarcely hear, "I love you too, Tails." "W-would you want to be m-my..." "Yes!" Cosmo exclaimed, her face now a light crimson. Tails' eyes lit up, and he asked as if he might have misheard her, "Really?"

"Yes, really, Tails. I wouldn't say yes if I didn't want to," Cosmo said kindly, smiling again at Tails' cuteness. The two-tailed fox smiled back and paused for almost a full minute before he finally leaned in and gave Cosmo a deep, sweet kiss that easily told her that Tails really did love her. "I'm so glad you came back, Cosmo," Tails murmured earnestly.

"I am too, Tails," Cosmo whispered, closing her eyes as she returned his kiss warmly. Her blue eyes shone with love for him, and they embraced each other again as they looked back up at the dark, but beautiful, night. They were finally reunited with each other.

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