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After years of receiving the "cold shoulder" from Sonic, as Amy Rose viewed it, she decided to do similar to him. But now the blue hero is starting to harbor feelings for her; is it too late?

By: Mya Snow

Restored Love

It was a stormy day in Mobius. The cold wind blew vigorously, and the sun was hidden by the dark, damp clouds. The rain fell harder every second, pouring down with no signs of letting up.

The storm raged on while a blue figure watched it restlessly. He stood outside of Tails' workshop, his depression allowing him to be soaked by the icy needles.

All the thoughts began to dwell inside the hedgehog's mind: "Did I hold off for too long? Does she still love me? Does she even still care...?"

Amy Rose had begun a new challenge for herself; to act as if she was indifferent to Sonic whether he loved her or not. Sonic had been relieved at first, until the years passed, slower each time. Things were not the same without the cheerful, energetic Amy he had known before.

Amy would still speak with Sonic and everyone else; but whenever she spoke to Sonic, it was usually very short or even dry. Sometimes she even pretended as if Sonic was not even there. In the years that went by, their friendship had changed drastically, and the blue hedgehog didn't like the "New Amy".

The more Sonic thought about the happy times he had had with Amy before the dull years had begun, he slowly began to realize how much he had cared for the cheerful, though sometimes childish, pink hedgehog. And it hurt worse now that he was realizing his true feelings for her. He wished for the old Amy to come back; the one that he knew.

As Sonic stood in the brutal storm, still trying to sort out his mixed-up feelings, a familiar voice asked "Sonic?" It was his best friend Tails. The fox gave the hedgehog a confused look, knowing that he hated water. "OK, what's wrong?" he asked immediately after.

Sonic took a quick glance at Tails, then shrugged his shoulders quickly, masking his emotions as he had done many times before. However, he found this time more difficult to act as if everything was all right, when it was not. "What makes you think something's wrong, buddy?" he asked in his usual carefree voice. But Tails caught the small crack in his voice when he spoke the last word.

"You being out here in the rain doesn't exactly tell me that you're okay," Tails told him. "If I went back inside, would it convince you?" "No," Tails shook his head. Then he asked hesitantly, "It's Amy, isn't it?" Sonic froze for almost a full minute, confirming Tails' suspicion. The hero forced out a laugh, but it sounded strained, and the depressed look in his emerald orbs betrayed him.

"Why do you think this is about-" Sonic began to question impatiently. "Sonic, you're not the only one who's noticed she's changed a lot, you know..." Tails responded with a brief shake of his head. "She acts a lot...well, colder, to be honest." The words struck Sonic's heart and stayed in his thoughts, and the feeling was enough to finally break him down, tears stinging his eyes and making his vision blurry.

In an instant Tails had his arms around his best friend, trying his best to comfort him. "I know you care about her..." he murmured quietly. Sonic quickly swiped at his eyes, refusing to let his emotions take control. "Tails, I don't just 'care' about her," he admitted with another crack in his voice. With a low voice, which held none of its usual confidence, he admitted, "I love her."

Tails stared at the blue blur as he continued. "I love the OLD Amy. Not this new act she's got going." "Maybe it's not an act. Maybe she's just matured," Tails pointed out. "I guess. But I never found out how much I loved how she used to be till she changed like this," Sonic admitted reluctantly. Tails nodded slowly. "Maybe you should go find her and talk to her about it, Sonic."

"And have her just quit talking to me? Sorry, Tails, but that's one thing I can't risk," the blue hedgehog responded briskly. "Risk what?" The pretty, feminine voice startled Sonic, and he spun around to find Amy Rose there, with her hands on her hips. "I, uhh...I just remembered I have to go work on something in the workshop!" Tails spoke up suddenly, giving Sonic a look before he disappeared inside.

"A-Amy?" Sonic stammered in surprise. A second later he regained his cool composure, however, and faked a grin. "Hey, Amy." "Hi," was the short response he received. Amy looked up at the dark clouds, then back at Sonic, knowing something was wrong if he was out in a storm like this one. But she remained quiet about it.

"So, Amy..." Sonic began uneasily after a long, uncomfortable silence. "What were you and Tails talking about?" Amy asked after a moment, her curiosity roused a little bit. Sonic's grin and happy act immediately collapsed, and before he even thought about it, he asked sharply, "Why ask something that doesn't even matter to you?" Amy fell into silence, surprising Sonic by looking hurt.

"It matters to me," Amy replied shortly, but was cut off by Sonic. "Then why don't you start acting like it? Why do you have to be so moody and ignorant all the time?" Sonic asked in a sudden burst of anger that grew with each word he spoke. "How come you've been acting like nothing matters to you anymore? Like I don't matter to you anymore?" "Sonic..." Amy began slowly, her ears down.

"You don't try to find me and talk to me like you used to. A lot of the times you act like I've invisible. So I guess I might as well be a ghost instead of a hedgehog!" Sonic snapped at her. Then he turned to go angrily. But Amy stopped him with a sharp, "Wait!"

"What? Are you going to tell me that I'm not good enough for you anymore? How long do I have to wait for that?" Sonic inquired in a sarcastic voice. "Listen to me for a minute!" Amy cried, grabbing the blue hedgehog by the shoulders. The rain blurred her vision, but she could still see the emerald eyes in the darkness, though they were dull and depressed, and they looked as if all hope was gone.

"Why do YOU care so much about how I act, anyway?" Amy wanted to know angrily. "All you ever did was ignore the love I tried to show you!" "Yeah, but I would take that over this any day!" Sonic insisted. "Why?" "Because...because, uhh..." Sonic's confidence faltered, and it was a minute or so before he finally confessed, "'Because I liked how you acted before."

"How I was before?" Amy asked slowly. "You mean you liked how I acted then?" "I didn't realize I did until you started acting different. I liked the Amy that was always ready for an adventure. The Amy that was kind and sweet, and that everyone loved," Sonic told her with a small grin. "And if she comes back, I won't take her for granted again."

"If you don't love me back, then there's no reason why I should change back to how I was," Amy replied abruptly, staring at the ground with a dull look in her eyes. But when she felt Sonic grab her hand, she looked up in surprise. Sonic's emerald eyes burned with the same spirit he used to have, and it held something else in them...something Amy had never expected to see in him before.

"And what if I love you back?" Sonic questioned in a voice that lost all of its cockiness and was replaced by a warm gentleness that Amy had scarcely heard before. She stared at him in complete shock; then her face brightened up for the first time in years, and her green eyes shined happily. "Then I would act however you wanted me to," Amy answered sweetly.

"Then act like how you used to, and I think that'll make both of us happy," Sonic told her with a tender smile. " me?" Amy asked hesitantly, wanting to make sure she hadn't misunderstood him. "You actually love me?" "That's what I just said, right?" Sonic said with a twinkle in his eye. By now the rain was beginning to clear, and the sun peaked out from behind the clouds.

"How would you like being the Fastest Thing Alive's girlfriend, Amy?" Sonic asked with a big grin. Amy squealed in excitement and nodded, her face a warm crimson. Sonic smiled and took her hands in his before he planted a passionate, thrilling kiss on her lips. Amy returned his kiss, and they stood locked in a loving embrace, neither wanting to let go anytime soon.

After a few minutes, Sonic gently took Amy into his arms with a wink. "So how about we forget everything we did in past few years, and head into our next big adventure?" Sonic murmured in a soft voice to Amy. The pink hedgehog nodded enthusiastically, and she wrapped her arms around the blue hero as he took a step forward, then ran off, holding Amy carefully in his arms.

And Tails came out of the workshop, watching them leave together with a happy smile on his face.

The End Author's Note: If you enjoyed this story, please make sure to vote for it if you want more. Disclaimer: None of the images used in this story are mine. Also, this is fanfiction based off of Sonic the Hedgehog, so nothing belongs to me except the writing. Thank You For Reading

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