A Diamond Heart Disclaimer: Characters do not belong to me; this is a Knuxouge (Knuckles x Rouge) fanfiction from the franchise Sonic The Hedgehog.
A Diamond Heart

Disclaimer: Characters do not belong to me; this is a Knuxouge (Knuckles x Rouge) fanfiction from the franchise Sonic The Hedgehog. knuckles the echidna stories

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A Diamond Heart Disclaimer: Characters do not belong to me; this is a Knuxouge (Knuckles x Rouge) fanfiction from the franchise Sonic The Hedgehog.

It was a sunny, clear day, and it was very peaceful at this time in Mobius; Knuckles was on his floating island as usual, Angel Island, guarding the Master Emerald as determinedly as he always did.

No annoying distractions, a nice breeze, and no one around. Maybe Rouge has finally gotten it into her head that she can't steal the Master Emerald from me, Knuckles thought with a contented smile, closing his eyes briefly as he lie down next to the Master Emerald, unaware of the pair of eyes watching him from above.

The teal eyes sparkled with mischief, and Rouge flew down to Knuckles gracefully, smirking when the echidna's purple eyes snapped open. His expression immediately went from peaceful to angry, and he fixed his glare on the bat, who gave a simple shrug of her shoulders, pretending to be oblivious as to why he was acting so aggressive towards her.

"Just when I thought you were gone," Knuckles growled in annoyance. Rouge smiled sweetly at him, then feigned a look of innocent surprise. "My, someone's uptight today. I can't imagine why," she teased him wholeheartedly. "Could it be because I want a special something?" "Forget it, Rouge. I'm not letting you have the Master Emerald!" Knuckles returned in an irritated tone.

"I don't want the Master Emerald this time, sweetheart," Rouge replied in a softer voice, her smile turning genuine. Knuckles stopped, and his anger was replaced with confusion at the bat's words as he stared at her. "What other reason do you have for coming to Angel Island?" Knuckles demanded sharply. Rouge walked closer to the echidna slowly, stopping inches away from him.

"Well, handsome, who else would I come here for if it wasn't you?" she asked in a quiet voice, though her eyes still held the kind of playfulness she usually had in them when she was around Knuckles. "What?" Knuckles questioned after a few seconds' pause. "What are you talking about?" Rouge groaned, placing her hands on her hips. "Knuckles, don't tell me you're going to make me explain it all to you."

"Explain what to me?" Knuckles inquired impatiently. He had an idea of where Rouge was getting at, but he almost didn't believe what he had heard. "Oh, never mind, hon. People say actions speak louder than words, anyway," Rouge sighed with a shake of her head, before leaning in slowly and giving Knuckles a kiss. Her action stunned the echidna further, and his face turned an undeniable crimson color.

"There. Now do you get the full picture, Knuckles?" Rouge asked him with a confident smirk. Knuckles was quiet for a few seconds, but the glare returned on his face, and his eyes narrowed angrily. "You're trying to butter me up so I'll give you the Master Emerald. It's not going to work, Rouge!" His glare remained as he stood firmly in front of the Master Emerald.

"For the last time, I don't want the Master Emerald, hon. I don't want diamonds, or any other kind of jewel...of course, I wouldn't mind having them as an afterthought," Rouge added quickly with a charming smile. Knuckles hesitated, searching the bat's face. The playful twinkle in her eyes had vanished, and she looked completely serious.

"So you're not making this thing up?" Knuckles questioned after a minute, slowly unclenching his fists. "You actually..." "Love you. Obviously I do, handsome, or I wouldn't have kissed you," Rouge told him in an unusually gentle voice. "So what do you think? Do you want to...well, you know." "Get together?" The bat nodded, quickly searching Knuckles' expression to see what he thought of it.

Rouge was surprised when a small smile steadily appeared on Knuckles' face, and he looked at her so sincerely that if he had asked her to give up all the jewels she had for him, she would have. "I wouldn't mind it. IF you stay out of trouble," Knuckles warned her briskly. Rouge smiled at him softly and kissed his cheek, replying, "If you want me to, sweetheart. But old habits are hard to break."

"I'll help you break them," Knuckles answered decidedly. He took the bat's hands in his and kissed her so warmly and passionately that it caused Rouge's face to warm up. She returned his kiss without hesitating, and her teal eyes sparkled happily as Knuckles' eyes locked with hers. She knew they would love each other until the end.

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