Why i'm here. - 19/09/18
Why i'm here. - 19/09/18

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Pretty self explanatory

Why i'm here. - 19/09/18

First of all, i'd like to apologize to anyone who felt hurt or uncomfortable whilst reading my first submission. I am here to post my journey. My pathway.

I've recently been trying to come to terms with my 'mental illness'. God I hate those words. I thought that having one place to log all of my scribblings, no matter how bad, would be helpful for me.

I want to document my recovery.

It will happen. I'll get better. This is temporary.

The reason why i'm choosing to do this publicly, and not in some private folder tucked away in the depths of my laptop, is because I feel like this is something important. I'm not totally sure.

I want this to be out there. Maybe it's a call for support. A cry for help. An outlet. I don't fully know myself.

I used to be an avid writer, someone with passion, a hunger for learning, a love for discussion. Now i'm a shadow.

I will defeat this. It isn't me. I'm not done.

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