Since i threw my life away.
Since i threw my life away.  sad stories

my_headthoughts i write to make room for more thoughts
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Leaving my husband and partner of 10 years was the hardest and scariest decision i've ever had to make but i knew it was the right decision, even if i'm still suffering from it to this day.

Since i threw my life away.

Not long ago i had it all, a perfect life from the outside

But all was not as it had seemed, my perfect life was just a lie

There were times that i was happy, that i can't deny

But as time went on i realised, that something wasn't right

I thought i would be happier, i thought i'd be alrite

But since the day i left you, all i've done is cry

I know i made the right choice, so i can't understand why

I've mourned the life i should have had, since the day i said goodbye.

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