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Together. It's.... different.


Together a poem

Together a poem By Mxshroom


It's.... different.

I would go to bed at 10:00, using my blankets for warmth. Until I met him, that is.

Thenceforth, I have him to hold, no longer cold.

I would wake up at dawn, to go on my daily jog,

Only to come home to scroll on my phone, naming sheep "dinnerbone"

Whilst awaiting my friends arrival.

Now, however, after my jog I come home to see his smiling face;

My favorite thing about this place.

When time came to noon, the local shop was where I'd be, you'd assume

But now I am in my house, with he who I call 'love', chattering like a mouse.

The day comes to evening, when I'd be sitting in our room, talking with the boys playing Doom

He then comes in to give me a hug and a kiss, a feeling I had not known I missed

But quickly retreats to his study, while I'm left alone with my buddies.

The time is now 9 o'clock, and I hear the door to his workplace unlock

We get dressed into comfortable clothes, to go outside and view through the telescope

Until it gets too late, we must close the gate

To our bed, we head, before we fall asleep

I look at his eyes, which like the stars, brightly shone

And then I realized, this is what it's like; what it's like to not be alone.

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