Sleeping Beauty - Retold.
Sleeping Beauty - Retold.  sleeping beauty stories

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The story of Sleeping Beauty had been told thousands if times for generations.
But what if Aurora already knew of the danger she has to face in the future. What if her fairy mothers taught her magic. And what it prince Phillip isn't her true love.

Will Aurora survive Maleficent's evil plans, our will she remain forever - a Sleeping Beauty?

Sleeping Beauty - Retold.

Once upon time, there lived a king and queen who ruled their kingdom with absolute fairness.

All the subjects of the kingdom were happy, except the king and queen.

One day finally their prayers were heard and a bundle of joy was born as their daughter

So a large feast was organised as her birthday party.

Many people arrived, including the three fairies. Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

And two of them gave the baby princess a boon each.

Things were going smoothly and happily, until Maleficent arrived . She cursed the princess to touch the spindle and die when she became 16 as she wasn't invited.

Merry weather who was the only one left to give a boon altered the curse.

Now the baby would only have an endless sleep until she is kissed by her true love.

The three fairies offer to take the princess and prepare her.

And so Aurora grows up in the forest with animals and plants...

And learning magic and swordship

Time flew by and Aurora grew up to be a beautiful princess

Her age was nearing sixteen and maleficent wasn't able to find her. So she sent her trusted raven.

Raven circled far and wide and found the princess, but so did Prince Philip

Enchanted by her beautiful voice he was drawn to her and they sang together

Soon it was time for her to return to her house.

From there they left for the castle.

When she reached the castle they were welcomed with open arms

But maleficient cast a spell luring the princess to a spindle

The princess touched it and feel asleep.

Soon the three fair arrived and saw what had happened. Overcome by grief they cast a spell to put everyone in the castle to sleep

Meanwhile the prince had realised the girl he had sung with was Princess Aurora and was coming to the castle

On his way however maleficent found him and he was captured.

Meanwhile in the castle Fauna Flora and Merryweather were biding their Sleeping Beauty farewell

But when Merryweather kissed Aurora she opened her eyes, the spell was broken. Mother's love was true love

When she came to know that Philip was captured she decided to save him. And so she donned her armour

Maleficent was overcome with rage when she saw Aurora

And turned into dragon as Aurora cut prince Phillips chains

The battle began.

Prince Philip was injured

But princess fight alone

And slew the dragon with her magic and power

So the princess returned with her three fairy mothers and the prince. In the castle people were overjoyed to see their princess

And then Prince Philip and Princess Aurora got married

And they ruled the kingdom just like her parents had, justly and fairly.

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