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muskanshahbaz7Community member
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How can two persons become friends even after that bad starting.

Getting To Know!

There was a school trip to abroad for a week and suprisingly my parents allowed me to go there. I was in a full mood excited to go there and the day arrived. Ready to departure.

In the plane the group of boys entered from a different batch and I got pushed by one of these and he felt upon me , we just stared on each other there was a smile on his face ,I got pissed and pushed him back got up from down with an angry expression on my face returned back to my seat. The journey went on fine.

Finally reached there , and guess what i got to know those boys were also the part of our trip. His name was Akash . He was the leader for his group and i was mine.

Obviously had to work together now. And i had full cleared that I am gonna work professionally as I have no other choice now. His personality was kinda flirtaseous.

OH NO! forgot to call Mom and inform her that have reached safely. Ran to get the phone from my bag , dialed the number , damn ya.... network issues ..... went out to the backyard and tried again. Suddenly someone grabbed the phone from backside from my hand , I turned obviously who can it be that idiot ( Akash ).

Why r u annoying me I asked , again that weird smile on his face. GOSH! give my phone back i tried to snatch it he wasnt giving it to me he ran I ran too back of him.

YES! caught him we were fighting like to wild cats we almost fell on the ground he held my hands tightly towards the ground he had a hold on me with full force and there comes that weird smile. , I tried to free myself from him he continuosly kept staring on me.

PART 1 ENDS To Be Continued.......

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