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Musings of a MGTOW..

Walking Away...

by musingsofamgtow

The more I think about the women of today the less appealing dating, (leave alone marriage) becomes to me.

You will be used and cast aside like garbage once the woman is through with you. Without so much as a second thought or the slightest consideration for all what you've done.

Many of you will be told that Not All Women Are Like That, And you will believe it, Not because you know it to be true But because you WANT it to be true.

You will ignore the billions of men Who have walked that path before you, And ended up miserable, in jail, depressed broke, financially enslaved to a woman Who has moved on to the next poor bloke

And when women and the state have taken every possible thing that held meaning to that man, They left him to commit suicide without even a jot of guilt. After all, he only existed to be used...

You will ignore all this, tell yourself that it's different for you. That you'll do better, you're smarter, you'll love her better. As if the ones that came before you, hated their wives...

You Poor Fool...

I really wish that one day you will remember my words And think me a fool Rather than remember me And wish you had listened...

As for me, I go my own way...

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