Your long guide to s*xual orientations
Your long guide to s*xual orientations  long stories

musical_mutt 11 | silent but deadly
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wHat'S yOur'S?

Your long guide to s*xual orientations

Tell me if I got any of the info wrong.

-Straight. If you're straight, this means you're attracted to the oppisote gender (if you're male, you like females) , I just put a picture of Ella for some reason.

-Gay If you're gay, yu are male who likes someone that's also male

-Lesbian If you are lesbian, you are female who likes another female. (I know this isn't the lesbian flag)

-Bi If you're bi, that means you like boys and girls.

-Pan If you are pan, you like all genders. Not the same as bi.

-Ace If you are Ace, then you don't feel romantic feelings for another person.

-Trans Edit- It means at birth you identified as one gender (just say male) but then end up being the opisote gender (which would be female)

-Non-binary If you are non-binary, thsn you are neither female or male. Not the same as Gender-Fluid

Gender Fluid: Bith male and female

-Abro If you are Abro, your orientation changes. One day you could be Pan, then the next you could be Lesbian.

-Demi If you are Demi, you don't feel romantic feelings for antoher person unless you grt a relationship with them.

-Poly (s*xual) It's like pan, but you are attracted to some but not all. You could be poly and like pans, trans, and bi's, but antiher poly could be attracted to lesbians, aces, and non-binaries.

-Andro People who are attracted to masculantiy (i know i,didnt spell that right)

-Cetero If you're attracted to only non-binary people, you're cetero

I think that's it. Bye!

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