Snocone: My new OC
Snocone: My new OC snocone stories

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Cledius is jealous.
Also, Snocone isn't edgy because she had powers lmao

Snocone: My new OC

Breed: She's a wolf-husky mix.

Age: She's 6 years old. And mature lmao.

Bio: Snocone's mother was a husky who ran off with this wolf and well...Snocone was born but her dad never liked her.

She was bkrn without the teal in her fur but she had these cotton ball things on her ears but they were white.

She loves snow but was born in a hot climate so once her mother broke up with her dad they ran off to somewhere snowy.

Her mother was Snowflake but shortly after they moved she was attacked by a polar bear.

Snocone was told to run away and find a home. Snocone refused to leave so her mother, growing very weak and unable to move, dragged herself towards the water.

She threatened to kill herself by drowning so Snocone ran away, not knowing what happened to Snowflake.

Snocone dyed her hair turquoise sometime during this period. She had realized she had this marking on her side

She had no clue what it meant, but once she turned one, a young boy named Ethan found her. Ethan was eight.

Ethan cared for Snocone, but he called her Dog because he can't understand dogs.

One day Snocone grew tired of Ethan's mother who was abusive to her so she ran away.

That night Snocone met this group of large mixed breed dogs who were aggressive. She was about to be killed when a male dog who was a husky saved her.

The husky was named Alaska, and she was actually Snocone's half sister. Turns out her mother had a boyfriend before Snocone's dad.

Alaska noticed the marking on Snocone and figured out Snocone had powers for night because Alaska had day powers.

Night powers were when she could control night and Day Powers were when you could control day

Confused and overwhelmed, Snocone just refused to believe it.

Alaska asked Snocone to stay, but Snocone said no. Alaska revealed that she was a murderer and killed her own father qnd had sent the polar bear 0_0

Snocone was furious to know why she would do this, and realized her own sister was the reason behind her past.

Alaska said she wouldn't go after Snocone or anyone she loved if she stayed but Snocone refused.

Alaska was about to end Snocone but this boy dog comes in and saves her. Things are gettin good 😼

So this dog is named Rocco and he offers to stay with Snocone. They develop a crush on each other oOooOOOo

Snocone was four when they offically started to date. They had two puppies, Scarlet and Lila.

Alaska started watching the family and realized this was here chance. O///_///O

Once Snocone was asleep in her den, Alaska waits for the puppies to wake up.

The puppies woke up thirty minutes later and they woke u p Rocco. Alaska striked.

Snocone wakes up three hours later, and in shock realizes her puppies are dead and Rocco has dissapeared.

Horrified, Snocone realizes soon what happened.

An unhappy Snocone tracks down Alaska who has Rocco. She was about to throw him in the water. Memories of her mother triggered Snocone.

Snocone starts fighting Alaska, leaving Snocone injured. Alaska is dead.

Rocco is shook up and afraid and Snocone promises to keep him safe.

Snocone became depressed after the puppies' deaths and reminders of her mother. Her dreams are haunted by Alaska.

By the time Snocone turns five and Rocco is six, they come across Alaska's ghost who threatens to kill Rocco or she has to take away Snocone's powers.

Snocone gave them up, but it weakened her.

Alaska starts to discourage Snocone to death, "You're nothing without those powers, you're just a weak dog. Face the truth, because it's real. Understand?"

Snocone was dying, and memories flashed in front of her eyes. Remembering her mom, her dad's cruel ways, Ethan, the powers, being saved by Alaska, meeting Rocco, having puppies, and the death of them.

Her five years were going to end. ...or were they?

Rocco fights for her, which kills off the spirit and Rocco.

Snocone, believing she has no purpose without him, cries. She cried all day and night.

Until she met Alaska's brother.

Kevin was nice. He never liked Alaska. He had found Snocone crying that night.

Snocone lost all her trust and feared him. "Alaska's family is dangerous, and you are a part of it!"

But once she adapted to him, she grew close to him. The two siblings live together in a den together.

Personality: She's no girly girl, and her brother even called her "little brother" as a joke. Her nickname is Sno or Coney.

She has a bad temper, obviously. And she's emotional. So she's me as a dog.

So yea, that's my OC Snocone in a nutshell. Also doing art trades, if anyone can draw her I can draw you something (animal or person or fursona)

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