Mane 7 orientations?
Mane 7 orientations? lgbtq stories

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Just a thought.

Mane 7 orientations?


So, these are my headcanons on the Mane Seven orientations. If your opinion is different, I respect it. So respect mine.

If you're anti-LGBTQ+ or it goes against your religion, don't read this post. Don't leave comments saying "You ruined MLP!" or " You're overthinking a TV show! " because I'm not.

Sunset Shimmer is confirmed to be bi, but most likely likes girls most. She dated Flash once, but now she has this emotional connection with Sci-Twi.

It shines in Legend of Everfree, and Forgotton Friendship.

Rainbow Dash is lesbian. No, not because she's Rainbow or because she's tomboy. In the comics she shows little to be interest in love.

She says a stallion "yUcK!" but one time she sees a mare and she acts a bit more interested .

Pinkie Pie gives off pan vibes. She seems like the tyoe of pony who would fit into that orientation.

Twilight is also bi. Her connection with Sunset (both her pony form and sci-twi form) just screams "bi"

Rarity is ace. Everything about this girl is ace. Deal with it.

Applejack is straight imo.

And Fluttershy. People say she's trans because hEr cOLoRs...but I believe she's a demigirl. She possibily may be aromantic. Fluttercord isn't really canon, so yea. It could be true.

If you disagree, tell me what they are then.

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