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I see lights all around me houses decked in gold

Anna Ki Shaadi

I see lights all around me

houses decked in gold

laughter echoes from within

songs galore

I see people swarming in

i see happy faces

i see eyes sparkling

and warm hugs

I see her decked in flowers

i see her light up the room

the moon falls pale in front of her aura

i see her happy and loved

I see her beckoning us forward

A sister to all of us

to some by blood and to some by heart

Our Anna

I see her radiance

and it fills my heart with emotion

to see her this happy

to see her this gleeful

The room comes to a sandstill

as she takes her leave for now

the songs start again

full of anticipation and a bit of fear

The day ends and another day takes it's place

we move closer and closer to her departure

the heart knows this and now the elation is filled with some sadness as well

Anna arrives and the place seems stuck in time

we wait for her with excited eyes and radiant smiles

we guide her through the sound of music and the clouds that have come to witness this moment

There she sits

on a throne of flowers

surrounded by family

by people for whom she means the world

the songs galore again

the night can't cope with it

As the night gives way

the morning is onto us

the day we say goodbye

Goodbye to Anna

The day seems lost in the chaos of everything

time seems to fly on this day it seems

and with each passing moment the heart grows heavier

There she comes again

and now time seems to respect her

it stops in its tracks as she graces us with her presence

And as she takes her place

time flies again

on and on and on....

With a blink night covers us

the din of cars is there

overpowed by the music that women weave into the night

Anna makes her way outside

it must be the longest walk of her life

surrounded by brothers

our hearts heavy

but our faces strong

She walks towards the car

Time for good-byes

Anna breaks down and so does everyone

her tears glitter the night

the moon yet again falls pale to her

With one final effort she breaks away

and they're off, the car it diminishes

but our love for her knows no bounds

There she goes


Our Anna

Our sister, our friend.....

there she goes to a life of love and happiness

but the heart rests easy

because wherever she will go

she will be loved and Cherished

because she's Anna

Our Anna.....

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