My Sixth Year Part 1
My Sixth Year Part 1 stories

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Annalee Angelo is starting her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry for the first time. Find out what happens.

My Sixth Year Part 1

by mtholmes2017

Today is the day that Hogwarts is beginning to start up again. My parents told me that they were not going to home school me anymore.

That I need to make friends instead of talking to the magical creatures that I love so dearly.

Professor Lovegood came to pick me up from my house to take me to Diagon Ally to pick up my school supplies for this semester.

The one thing that I was excited to purchase would have to be my first pet. A Niffler. My dad said I could get one as long as it does not steal anything of major importance. I named him Benedict.

Benny for the shorter version of his name. He is so tiny. Just a little baby right now. He is black all over, with a cute pink button nose, and striking baby blue eyes.

In which the store owner that had sold him to me said that that is rare.

I finally make it to the castle. The boat ride was a little weird to be honest.

I thought that I would be with the other six year students but I guess I have to experience it like everyone else did for their first year.

So I have to walk with the first years which is pretty embarrassing. Being the only sixth year with a bunch of youngsters. The grand hall is beautiful.

I could not help but to admire the tapestries that are on the walls. All the students are scary.

I mean what is the big idea of having a bunch of children show up and you just freak out when someone new arrives. One of the upper classmen I believe tried to hit me in the butt.

The nerve of that person! Oh I am so ready to go home and I haven’t even been sorted yet.

What the hell man! So the professor calls all the younger children up to get sorted most of them where placed in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

No one has been placed into Hufflepuff so far in which surprised me. The Headmaster then stood up and walked over to be next to me as he spoke.

“This year students we have a sixth year student to sort! Now that we have all the youngsters sorted it’s time for her to be sorted!

And we have a new professor joining us this year, Professor Newton Scamander, Welcome Professor!” he said as the professor stands up and bows. Then he looks to me.

“Now my dear have a seat and we will get you sorted.” I sat down onto the wooden stole and began to feel my heart start quicken.

I begin to feel sweat start to run down my back making me feel cold.

The sorting hat was then placed onto my head and this is what is said: “Ah yes! A new face! Well where should we place you? Gryffindor? No! not your cup of tea! Hmm…Ravenclaw?

No way to smart for them! Slytherin…you would be content there but not truly happy! How about Hufflepuff? They are a very nice group. You can make lots of friends there if you are placed there.

Hmm…this is harder than I have expected. Where would you want to be?” I froze when the hat asked me that. “Um…I am not sure where I belong…” The hat sighs.

“I guess I have to consult with the headmaster. Headmaster?” The headmaster walks over and the hat asks him if he knows anything of my personallity. “Headmaster? This child is very hard to place.

She belongs in all of the houses but which one should I place her in. There is nothing in her head that can help me make the correct decision for her to be happy.

She has a strong love for magical creatures. Kind of like professor scamander.

She’s a little adventurous, curious, loving, kind, loyal, a bit of a joker, loves nature, doesn’t have that much good people skills but that will change with time,

loves to eat food as much as I do. Loves anything that is written art, writes stories, loves music, has an extremely big heart ,and is a procreant.

” Said the headmaster as he finishes off telling the hat about myself a little bit.

The sorting hat contemplates a little bit before telling the headmaster to step back so it could give the school it’s decision.

I take a deep breath at first before it announces the house I will be staying in for two years.

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