My Sixth Year Part 2
My Sixth Year Part 2 stories

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Annalee Angelo is starting her sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry for the first time. Find out what happens.

This is the second part to My Sixth Year Part 1

My Sixth Year Part 2

by mtholmoes2017

“I have made a decision. Hufflepuff!” Everyone from Hufflepuff cheers for me and I walk over to the table to sit down.

A student sits down next to me. “Hello my name is Ellie Goldring and I was wondering if we could be friends.

” She said shaking my hand as I make myself comfortable to hear the headmasters speech. It doesn’t take too long and then there is food on the table.

“so what year are you?” asked a older student.

“I am a sixth year student.”

“Why haven’t we seen you here before?”

“I was home schooled for most of my training.”

“Ah so you’ve never been in a school like this before?”

“No I have not. Um… by any chance do you know where the bathroom is?”

“Oh yeah! I can take you if you like?” said one of the older boys. I blush bright red. “Okay”

He escorts me to the bathroom. Little did I know that this boy would become one of my friends. “My name is Alan Drakennolour. I am a sixth year Hufflepuff as well.

I have to admit that being in a dorm that’s really close to the kitchens has the advantages. We can also learn to cook too if you ask the head kitchen elf if they are willing to teach you how.

It is a lot of fun when you can see what they can do. One of the elves I am friends with can make a beautiful twenty teared wedding cake within a day. I mean that’s impressive.

So what classes do you look forward to the most?” he asked as we are heading back to the dinning hall.

“Um…Care of Magical Creatures and Defense Against the Dark Arts. They are my two favorite subjects. I’m even working with the Ministry of Magic, in there Fantastic Beasts Division.

I am a Level 20 handler now. Which means I can work with Basilisks, Dragons, and etc. I have a baby Niffler as my pet he’s in my pocket pouch of my sweater I am wearing under my robes.

He is the size of a bouncy ball that fits in you plam.” I feel movement underneath my sweater. “excuse me a moment.

” I pull up my sweater and open up my pouch that has my Niffler inside squirming around. Alan steps closer and looks in. Shocked to see how tiny he is. “He’s so cute.

Aaaw! Wait till Professor Scamander sees him! His Niffler is a little deviant. Yours is still innocent until he sees something worth his time to try and steal.

” I chuckle as I pull out my little baby in my palm of my hand.

“His name is Benedict. But I call him Benny for short.” Benny yawns and opens his eyes but then closes them again because he’s still sleepy.

I place him back into his warm bed before we enter the dining hall. “thank you for showing me where the bathroom is.”

“Not a problem! Thank you for introducing me to your little baby. He is really cute. Well this is where I am at. Have a good supper.”

“Thanks and you too.” I sit down at my dining place to see a note on my empty plate. I open it. “Dear Miss, I heard that you have a love for magical creatures.

The headmaster spoke very highly of you. I also heard that you have a baby Niffler here at Hogwarts. I would like to speak with you after you are finished eating.

Please wait by the exit of the grand hall and I will meet you there. Also my Niffler has ran off again. If you wouldn’t mind keeping an eye out. He always gets himself into trouble.

I can’t wait to speak with you soon! Sincerely, Professor Newt Scamander.” I was shocked to see he had taken an interest in me.

Well not completely surprised because the subject he teaches is one of my favorites.

After supper I began to walk towards the exit, totally forgetting that I had to meet with a professor.

I run back to find him standing there with his Niffler upside down dumping all of the things he had stolen on the ground.

I giggle because my Niffler might do the same thing one day if I am not careful with him.

“Hello Professor.” I say smiling ear to ear as the Niffler gets curious and crawls over to my feet. Looking up at me with big eyes.

“Hello” I say as the little guy grabs at my legs and tries to crawl up them. “No! We do not crawl onto people we have just met! I am so sorry.” He says. “I’m Professor Newt Scamander.

But you can call me Professor Newt.” He said shaking my hand. I begin to feel squirming again. Not embarrassed to pull up my sweater to reveal my other sweater.

I open the pouch to see little Benny wide awake. “Oh! Sorry! My name is Annalee Angelo. Sorry again my little Niffler Benny is awake and I wanted to check on him.

” I place my hand in the pouch and I pull Benny out in my palm. Newt became very curious once I brought him out. “He’s only two months old.” I say with a big smile.

He then looks into my eyes and smiles. “Oh he is beautiful. I have never seen a Niffler with such dark fur and blue eyes ever.” I smile as Benny starts to get sleepy again and yawns.

“Maybe your Niffler would want to meet him? I am not sure how he is with others like himself.” Newt then picks up his Niffler and moves him close to my baby Benny.

“Say Hello and be nice!” said Newt as his Niffler almost gets really aggressive. “Hey! What did I say! Be nice!” Benny cries out from being out of the pouch for so long.

I didn’t even notice how Newt’s Niffler tried to take Benny and place him in his little pouch. “Oh you’re too cute! Benny is going back inside of my pouch so you don’t need to worry.

” I say and Newts Niffler hands back my little Niffler.

Professor Scamander then moved closer to me to see how my little Niffler enjoys the little pouch that I had made for him to sleep in. Benny yawns again and cuddles more closely to my stomach.

Newt smiles at the fact that I had bonded with the small creature just under the short amount of time that I had him.

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