Kirk's Secret Part 3
Kirk's Secret Part 3 stories

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Admiral Marcus had given Jim a mission to capture & arrest John Harrison, Whom is a terrorist in the eyes of the federation. Will Jim find Harrison?
This is the third part of Kirk's Secret Part 1 & 2

Kirk's Secret Part 3

by mtholmes2017

“Ya promise ya will not try to escape or hurt James if we take ya to his private sanctuary. He trusts ya Khan and I don’t want to find a body of my best friend in his bed.

Do ya get what I’m saying? I am granting ya immunity from punishment if ya behave and not give us any problems while being escorted to his chambers.

Is that understood?” said Bones almost on the verge of tears for his friend.

“I promise to all of you that I will not hurt my omega or any of the crew. But if anyone threatens to hurt James I will not be sorry for my actions.

” Khan said with a almost terrifyingly serious tone.

They place him shackles to walk in the hallway to Jim’s chambers. Spock had his phaser drawn just incase Khan were to try to escape. Shaura opens the door to the sanctuary and Jim’s room.

Bones places James carefully down onto the bed. Bones leaves the room while Spock removes the shackles from Khan’s wrists.

“If you hurt my Captain in anyway. I. WILL. END. YOU.” Said Spock with a snarl. He closes the door and goes over to James.

“James, my sweet omega, we are finally alone at last. Wake up they are no longer going to disturb us my treasure.” Said Khan looming over James.

James opened his eyes to see his alphas piercing electric blue eyes looking down at him.

“Hello my Alpha.” Jim said as he pulled Khan into a siring kiss.

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