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Forced Love

by mtholmes2017

The thunderstorm was beginning to get more lively when it turned midnight. Steve jolted awake when one of the lightning bolts hit the top of the avengers compound.

Rubbing his face to wake himself up a bit. He walks into the bathroom and splashes water onto his face. Bending down and cupping his hands into the water.

Slowly making his way up he looks at himself in the mirror. Again still feeling tired bends down to splash his face. Suddenly he felt like something was behind him.

He slowly makes himself stand up straight. He looks in the mirror to see what was behind him and he sees Loki. He turns around to make the first strike but Loki blocks him with his magic.

They begin to fight for a while. They slowly fought their way back into Steve’s room. Loki then smiled at him.

“Aw Captain I was hoping that you were still sleeping? No?” he looks down and smiled deviously.

“Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be in Asgard locked up?”

“Ah I see your still observant as always captain. I was banished by my father to your Midgard. And I still get one more night in Asgard before I have to come here permanently.”

“Why come here to the compound then? Why not a hotel or your own home?”

“Because Steve I am looking to find my true lover and I have chosen you.”

Before Steve could respond Loki threw a spell at him. Steve collapses to the ground. Loki struts up to Steve naked now. Steve looks up and sees the gods cock directed at his face.

Loki began to stroke his face and neck.

“Who do you love?” asked the god lovingly.

“You my love.” Said Steve completely under the spell now. Now in a kneeling position, full submission, pleasing Loki. Loki bent over and deep throated out a growl of pure lust.

“You are mine. If anyone other than myself tries to take you or make love to you, they will die at my hands, I will show no mercy to people who take my most prized possessions Steve.

” With a growl he took hold of his cock and lined it up with Steve’s mouth.

Steve whined out a moan of pleasure at the sight of seeing the cock. He stuck his tongue out and began to like the thick organ.

Loki threw his head back in pleasure from the warmth coming off of Steve’s tongue. Steve began suck on the head and lick down the shaft. Humming as he went to give Loki more stimulation.

Loki growled again and pushed Steve’s mouth completely onto his cock. Steve gaged a little but that didn’t stop Loki from grabbing his head and deep throating him.

Steve had to start swallowing the huge organ down deeper into his throat. Loki’s thrusts were nothing but relentless. Every time Steve would moan around his cock he would thrust harder.

Steve began swallowing again and again. Loki was getting closer and closer to completion. Steve could taste it. Without any warning Loki cumed down Steve’s throat.

While swallowing Steve moaned in pleasure and also cumming in completion on the carpeted floor of his bedroom.

Loki got onto the bed. Steve stood up and finally noticed Loki in all his glory. He also noticed Loki’s anal cavity leaking slick.

He crawls up the bed to Loki and started to kiss all the way up to Loki inner thighs. Loki writhing on the bed as each kiss meets his sensitive flesh.

Steve continued his ministrations for another twenty minutes before Loki orgasmed again. Steve placed his hands onto Loki’s legs and spread them.

“yes” said Loki looking down at Steve with lustful eyes. Steve then moved over to his beside table and pulled out a bottle of lube and started his cock to be fully hardened.

Loki was getting impatient with Steve. He growled at Steve. He obliged to the greedy man laying under him. Steve put two fingers into Loki’s greedy hole and began to thrust them into him slowly.

In and out they went making Loki moan and groan in pleasure. Steve started to pump his cock for good measure. He lined himself to Loki’s hole and started to pound into him. Slowly at first but.

gradually getting faster. Loki was moaning even more louder than before. While Steve is grunting & growling as Loki is constricting his cock as he is close to his climax.

Steve thrusts deeply one more time and cums into Loki’s body. He falls off of Loki onto the bed and goes into a deep sleep. Loki stands up from the bed and uses his magic to clean the room.

Steve stayed asleep through all the cleaning.

Loki heads to the bathroom to stand in front of the full bodied mirror. Rubbing a hand on his lower abdomen. He dresses himself and then returns to Asgard.

He walks back to his private chambers hoping to sleep off the pleasure filled evening he had with Steve. His hopes are crushed when he sees his brother standing next to his fireplace.

He turns around to greet him. Loki unconsciously places a hand on his stomach and walks towards his desk. Thor takes notice of his brother becoming very skittish.

“Brother? What is wrong? Are you ill?” asked Thor being the concerned brother he is.

“I’m fine Thor I just want to sleep in my bed and rest.”

Thor raises an eyebrow to his brother hiding something from him. He steps closer and he watches Loki move his hand on his stomach tighter and more protective. Thor smiles.

“You are with child again?” asked Thor suddenly out the blue. Loki starts to panic thinking that they will take away his child. “Who is the father?”

“Thor just drop it. My child is no concern of yours sense I will be moving to earth. At least I will look like a pregnant female on earth with my long hair.

” He said trying to make himself feel less nervous.

“I’m going to speak to father about this. You are in no condition to go through the bifrost in your state. How far along are you Loki?”

“Thor please…just stop. I don’t want father and mother to know about this child. I don’t want him to be banished away from me too.

” While Thor is not paying attention he uses his magic to fast forward his pregnancy to four months pregnant. The baby then started to kick.

Loki smiled feeling the life in which he & Steve created no longer than an hour ago. “I’m four months along. Like I said before Thor. I do not want them to know.”

Suddenly Odin & Frigga walk into Loki’s study. He freezes immediately. His hand still on his stomach. The child kicking a little harder.

Thor moves in front of Loki and does a protective stance. Odin makes himself stand up more straighter. Loki notices Frigga making her way towards him. Thor begins to speak.

“Father Loki can not leave Asgard yet.”

“that is not your decision to make. Now move son and you will not be punished.”

“Father Loki is with child.”

Odin suddenly got really pissed and got angry. Frigga made it to Loki. She noticed how Loki has a protective hand held tightly onto his stomach.

Loki started to cry and started to shiver from being in fear. Odin stepped forward again and began to speak out to Loki directly.

“Once you have birthed & raised this child. You will be banished to Midgard and you will never return.”

Loki had been in a lot of pain from his feet swelling during his pregnancy. He could not wait for the child to be born.

Thor was becoming very over protective of Loki to the point that he started to get in Loki’s personal space when ever he wanted to go outside into the garden.

At one point Thor had began to make him angry to the point when he had to yell at him and he turned him into a frog.

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