All & I Part 3
All & I Part 3 stories

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Read and Find out ;)
This is the third part to All & I Part 1 & 2.

All & I Part 3

by mtholmes2017

“I had a terrible dream that something bad happened to you two.” I look at him confused until he placed a careful hand onto my bump.

“It frightened me so much that I needed to think of what it’s significance was.” I hug him again to reassure him that I am all right. We stay hugging for a long time.

“How bout we go and get some breakfast hmm…I can hear your stomach growling as we speak. Do not try to back out now.” He says as a warning.

“I am just going to go to my room to put my sweat pants & hoodie on. I’m cold.” I say realizing how cold I am.

We make it the kitchen to find Mycroft making pancakes, eggs, and bacon. He turns all pink faced after we walked in. I notice the little jug of vanilla frosting and a spoon sticking out of it.

I walk over and steal it from him. He began to pout because he was enjoying the sweet flavor while cooking. I smile as I eat a spoonful.

“Uncle? Sometimes I wonder if you are the one pregnant instead of me.” I said eating another spoonful.

He smiles to me and responds. “My dear I think that would be completely impossible thing to achieve sense I am an alpha. Not an omega or beta.

For some reason Gregory is not having cravings during our child’s current development.”

Sherlock just smirks to himself. “Maybe you are the one to get the cravings and he’s just getting the sex drive.” Mycroft looks insulted beyond belief.

“Oh you insufferable fool! One day you will be the one knocked up in yours and Johns relationship and I will just call you FAT!”

I stare at him with a shocked face. That was his first come back in a long time. Sherlock just stares at him and doesn’t deny the possibility of alpha pregnancies in the future.

Mycroft is stunned is to why Sherlock has not insulted him again but rather had shut him up. I just make myself a plate while they are busy starring each other down.

John walks in a little cranky because of Sherlock rolling all over him. All. Night. Long. He looked at father with a glare that could kill.

Mycroft begins to giggle seeing John in such a state of disarray. John walked up behind me and kissed my forehead in greeting.

“Good morning dad. Did you sleep okay?”

“I slept fine Hun You?”

“I had a nightmare last night and it frightened me really badly. I didn’t get out of bed until father started to play his violin. I was scared to leave my blankets because I was terrified.”

“Oh dear, I had a bad dream as well. It made me worry a lot throughout the night and I couldn’t sleep until your father left.”

Sherlock snickers at what he had just heard. “It appears that we all have had nightmares. What about you brother? Hard time sleeping last night?”

Mycroft looks at him think that this is a test o f sorts. “I didn’t have any night terrors last night but I thought I heard our father moving about the corridors again.

He must have had a night terror. I believe he even checked on Michael to see if he was okay.”

“It seems to be a reoccurring theme in this house that everyone is having a hard time sleeping. I think that we should head home.

John do you have any objections to this?” asked Sherlock wanting to make sure we get a decent amount of sleep.

“Yes I think that would be a great. Michael?”

“I wouldn’t mind at all. Am I going back to my dorm? I need to move my belongings to the apartment I signed up for.” Secretly I just wanted to go see All again.

Mycroft stepped forward.

“My nephew you do not need to worry about that. I will have my men pack your belongings and place them into the apartment. I will text you went it is finished.”

Sherlock crosses his arms over his chest.

“Show off…”

“Thank you uncle. I really appreciate it.” I said while giving him a hug.

My grandfather walks in upon seeing us hugging and just walks up to us to join the hug.

“My grandson, I have something to show you. Follow me.”

I walk with him to one of the rooms in the house in which I do not recognize. He smiles and opens the door.

“Oh grandfather this is cute!” I walk over to the little crib to see little bumble bees flying above. “Was this my fathers crib?”

“Yes it was and now it is my great grandchild’s. I never knew that John & Sherlock were planning to have any children so I didn’t think that they would have needed any of this.

” He steps closer to me. “I can see that these items are bringing you so much joy. I planned on having Myc to move them to your new apartment.

I would like to visit it once you are settled in if you would let me.”

“You are always welcomed grandfather. I just hope that grandmother would have more of an open mind to me and my little family.” I say as I am rubbing my little bump.

My grandfather just smiles and places his hand there too.

“She doesn’t have an open mind like the rest of us. That’s how the boys are so stubborn and you would think it was me. Nope. Their mother. Maybe one day she will come in contact.

But until the day she apologizes to you and starts accepting you I am not going to be speaking to that ungrateful witch.”

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