All & I Part 2
All & I Part 2 stories

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Read and Find Out ;)
This is the second part of All & I Part 1.

All & I Part 2

by mtholmes2017

“Hello is Michael here?” said Haylee the senior residential assistant.

“I’m here.” I say as I get closer to the door. “What’s up?”

“I am here to let you know personally that your request for different housing was approved. And that your mate & you can move in today if you both want too. You have until Saturday to move in.

Oh they must be your parents! Hello I’m Haylee, the senior residential assistant. Let me know if you need anything Michael. See you at supper.

” Said Haylee as I was about to faint flat onto my face. My father pulls me into the room and closes the door.

Sherlock know was raging mad at me. I could see it in his body language and my sudden thought was to go to my mate. ‘NOT SAFE! GO TO YOUR MATE!’ I stood up and calmly walked over to All.

This action made John frown. Sherlock just got more angry. All made themselves look bigger than they actually were just incase my father tries to hurt me.

The only thing John could smell was my fear. He went to Sherlock to calm him before he did anything rash. My stomach started to twist into knots as if someone was drilling into my insides.

I had to sit down before I faint.

“YOUR MATED! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!” said Sherlock angry to get an answer from their child. He noticed me shaking and immediately calmed down. “I’m sorry for yelling…I..

please don’t be afraid of me…” he said walking towards me but All gets aggressive with my father. He falls to his knees and begs for us both to forgive his stupidity.

I stand up and kneel down in front of him and hug him. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you father. I didn’t feel that you needed to know just yet. I wasn’t sure if you two would have liked All.

I was scared of your rejection as well. Being a transgendered male has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Rejection is apart of my everyday life. But I am happy with All.

” I say as All moves out of the way so I can get closer.

John then walks towards up both and kneels down to join in the hug too. Sherlock sniffles at my neck and notices that my scent has changed sense the last time he saw me.

He pulls back from the hug and looks at me dead into my eyes.

“Your pregnant.” Everyone went dead silent and I began to cry because I was still scared that All would reject our baby.

We stand up and we sit down. All is the only one still standing up. They look flustered and confused. John began to cry and immediately hugs me.

“Oh sweetie! This is great news. Why are you crying honey?” asked my dad wondering why I was so upset.

All then turned around and looked at me. They then walk toward the door and left. Sherlock tries to stop them but it is too late. All was upset and I would not know why for a while.

John smiles at me and helps me up again.

“Well, why don’t you come home with us tonight so that you are not alone? Sound good to you Sherlock?” said John helping me pack some of my clothes and personal items into a duffle bag.

“They will have to have some space for a bit. A lot has happened today and you have had an emotional afternoon. Now put on your coat & scarf it is rather chilly out tonight.

” My dad said while my father grabs my bag and pillow. It was a very silent walk to Mycrofts car which had him in it of course.

“Hello my nephew! I heard you had a visitors come visit. I wanted to see if you were okay.” Said Mycroft as I ran to him for a hug while my parents looked at us both in disbelief.

“Do catch up brother! I’m the one that has helped Michael get an apartment in a nice area. Get in the car while it’s still warm dear.

” He said to me and closes the door before letting his brother & brother in law into the car. “What. Happened. To. Him.” he said with the rage of a momma bear.

“All walked out after they were told Michael was pregnant with their child.” Sherlock said pressing that the subject no longer needs to be discussed any further.

“Let’s get home and have supper. I know he must be starving.” Said Mycroft really concerned for his nephew.

The car ride felt like it was going on forever until we reach the Holmes estate. My grandparents are going to be thrilled when they hear I’m mated and pregnant.

My father asked me if I would not mind if he told them of my gender change so that I don’t get a lot of questions.

Supper was interesting to say the least. My grandparents went ape shit at my father. I zoned out of the whole conversation completely. Wondering why All had walked out on the baby & I.

My dad was the one to break me out of the trance. “You need to eat.” He said making my plate for me and placing it in front of me.

Mycroft couldn’t believe how well John was handling my situation calmly. Sherlock just sat quietly as he always had. My grandmother then walked over to me and slapped me across the face.

I fell to the floor. Cowering underneath the table not wanting to get anymore pain than I already have.


” screamed my grandmother trying to get a response from me. My grandfather just walked up to her and slapped her across the mouth.


PACK YOUR THINGS YOUR MOVING TO THE GUEST HOUSE PERMANANTLY!” he said sitting down in his chair and taking a sip of his brandy. “Sherlock please get my grandchild out from underneath the table.

” My father does as he’s told. “Come here my child.”

I walk over to him and he places a hand on my stomach. “I’m so sorry how she treated you. I’m proud you found the one you truly love and that I will have a great grandchild soon.

” He said while smiling and he kisses my hand before making me go eat my supper.

Mycroft walks over to his father and sits with him by the fireplace.

“Should we worry about her any further? Sherlock was about to rip her arm clean off for hitting his child.”

“No my son. She is going to be very far from us and will no longer be a nuisance. I want you to take them to the second master suite so he can get a proper sleep.

He looks exhausted and needs the rest. My great grandchild needs to be healthy. Now go and help him get comfortable.” He says getting up to kiss my forehead good night. “Go now and rest my child.

For tomorrow a journey awaits you.”

Mycroft takes my arm and walks me to my room. “How are you feeling?”

“Hmmm…oh just a little sore & tired. A hot bath sounds nice right now.” I say thinking out loud. Mycroft just giggles.

“For you my nephew. Anything that will give your heart content.”

Sherlock opens the suites door and places my things onto my bed. “We will no be to far away. Just two doors down the hall if you need us.

Okay Michael?” he said kissing my cheeks and forehead good night.

“Okidae…nighty night.” I say as John smiles and steers Sherlock to their room.


Mycroft giggles again seeing how I begin to sway left to right on my feet. “You are seriously tired.

I think I will set up your bath to make sure you are all set before I leave you alone for the night.” On that note he does what he had said and sets everything up.

Even lays me out a set of my favorite pjs. “Good night nephew. If you need me. I am right next door to you.”

After he leaves I go directly to the bathroom and smell the soup from the tub emanates into the room. Lavender. My favorite of all the bath oils he chose for me.

I remove my clothing layer for layer. I drag a hand across my small bump beginning to show.

“Oh little one. If only you could feel your mothers/fathers warm touches instead of my cold shaking fingers to keep you warm at night.

Hopefully one day you can feel those caressing touches of love and not of hatred. Their voice is like the finest silk in all of England. Believe me when I say it’s beautiful.

I want you to look just like them.

Gorgeous long black hair, with strikingly beautiful blue-green glazed eyes that change color depending on what mood they are in, and their sharp cheek bone structure on their face.

Little one I’m sorry if you felt rejected by them earlier. It’s nothing too personal. It’s just was all too sudden for them to handle just after meeting my parents. I love you my little one.

” I said while rubbing small circles on to the small mound and getting two little kicks in response.

After the bath the bed was calling to my very soul. I felt all of my limbs begin to get heavy and tired. I managed to pull the covers back and I crawled in under the weight of the days events.

I began to cry from the loss of a grandparent and along with possibly All as well. My mate and lover.

It scares me to think that they can legally get the bond broke in a hospital without me being present for it. I decided to text him.

Me: All, Are you all right? -12:05am

*** 20 minutes pass by***

All: I’m all right. You? Are you both okay?-12:25am

Me: We are fine. I’m at my grandparents house. I can’t sleep. -12:26am

All: Hmmm…I can see. Your texting me.-12:26am

Me: I love you All-12:27am

All: I love you too my love. Will you be back at the school tomorrow?-12:28am

Me: mmm…not sure…I’ll text you if I am. Night. -12:29am

All: Night-12:30am

I fall asleep knowing that they are okay and that I was so worried that my brain stayed awake for five more minutes longer until I passed out.

I woke up to the sound of my fathers violin at five am. I decided to investigate and see what was keeping him up at this hour.

He’s in his old music room playing one of his very first piece ever written.

“Father? Are you okay? I’ve never seen you up this early before? Is something the matter?” I asked a little concerned.

He stops playing to hear me and walks over to the door way and hugs me.

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