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mstndrt16 y/o expressing herself through art
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A different view of the world

Brithest light

She sat there watching nature her creatures in their own beautiful way. She Had no wonder she was one of them.

Every evening and morning she watched the sun go down and up. The colors the sky gets when it gets kissed by the bright lightball called sun

She had a lot of plants. All green and alive. She loved to take care of ill or broken ones who needed the most soft touches to grow again.

Often, she visited the woods. A dark forrest but as soon she walked in everything changed. It was starting to live. Birds found their unique songs and trees swung on the beat of peoples footsteps.

She hated how full streets get. All lonely people driving a car who seems to like smoking. There were often grey clouds following behind a car. It ruined mother nature. It harmed our beautiful world

She had a different view on Earth. The way we all need to see it. Plants are children. Cars smoke and people murder for their own good. We don’t think about others. And that’s why she hated humans.

She had no idea but the world was in her hands. She was the brightest light most of us need. Like the sun, but in human for. She was the hero in some detecting eyes

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