Mistress in Yellow by MsRDell
Mistress in Yellow

by MsRDell feelings stories

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I had to let my emotions fly.

Mistress in Yellow by MsRDell

She had a stunning yellow dress, beautiful amber eyes, and the brightest smile ever. You'd think she was a glamorous flower, an hourglass filled with the purest sand on the world.

But you're wrong, even the most innocent of sheep could be a wolf under its fur. Her words wounded my little sugar-coated heart without mercy. What I thought was honey...turned out to be poison.

Fake words such as "I love you", "You're the only one" and "I'm only yours" made me the stupid girl I am now. Her voice never leaves my mind, just like the echoing in a cave.

I torture myself when I think about her, she was my everything...now she belongs to someone else. I wish to get her back, my loving angel.

We know she's bad for us, but her sweet tone persuades anyone around her. If only I could kiss her poisoned lips one last time...

that's my last wish before I go, make me the happiest woman alive for one last night, even if you intended to play with my fragile feelings.

I hope our memories stay intact after we have parted our ways...My mistress in yellow.

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