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Love Yourself So Much That You Never Forget To Love Yourself.

Today, I Touched Myself

Love Yourself So Much That You Never Forget To Love Yourself.

I always try to make sure I check in with myself. You know? Quality time. Time for my own mind to lay across the imaginary couch and become transparent.

That’s the time for my soul and heart to interchangeably become the therapist this time, instead of my head. Being in my head too much can throw my energy out of rhythm at times. Often actually.

So check-in is important. And even though mental, spiritual, and emotional check-in is vital, physical check ins are just important and is also today’s focus.

I got a chance to take me on a date today. A quick, yet intimate one. Not to be mistaken with sexual but indeed personal. I felt very rejuvenated and clean after a “no-agenda” shower.

The house was clean and intact, the sun’s soft rays peeked around every corner of the house, leaves playfully mingled amongst each other outside,

the neighborhood was quiet and I was alone to feel only the energy that I chose to usher in. With the hot water warming up, I made sure to set out every article of clothing I would put on.

Freshly washed picks only. From my socks, to my underwear, down to the oils I would use. Stepping into the hot water, I took this opportunity to settle myself.

To put my head at rest for a moment and just point out the things I was feeling physically. I appreciated the steamy water on my skin.

I imagined the dirt collected since my last shower loosening itself, in preparation to be washed away. I took slow deep breaths while allowing the water to run down my face.

Appreciating everything I could feel, down to my own heart beating in my chest. Paying close attention to every bubble that forms on my hand towel from lathering the bar of soap in it.

From arms to chest, and legs to feet, I make sure to wash every piece of skin I physically can. Getting those places that maybe only I ever see. Spending extra time on those places of choice.

Caring for those needed and sensitive areas. Becoming familiar with those areas I am ashamed of or shy away from. Not thinking, but lathering and cleaning.

Keeping a clear head while cleaning every place. Good and bad. Those places need taken care of too.

I use this time to remind myself that no matter what is on this body or what I look like, it is all apart of me and it deserves love and care just as much as the parts I adore.

And so, I continue to wash and cleanse my body. Feeling the heat and soap.

All in preparation for my next stage.

Admiration. One thing I never fail to do, is moisturize my body after a shower or bath. It is one of the most intimate ways I care for myself daily.

It is my time to hug, love, feel, caress, hold, appreciate, and learn my body. As far as romantic relationships go, I have been alone for about 90% of my life. Yes, at times it bothers me.

Yes, I have had nights when I’ve cried or questioned myself. But I have been learning to use my alone time to rejuvenate and getting to know myself.

In these intimate moisturizing sessions, I tell myself it’s alright to hold your body how you would want someone else to hold you. I moved and manipulated my own energy.

Find ways to move and balance it through my body with my oils. Running the oils in my hands and over my body. Feeling my own skin. My way may not be like your way. Your journey is your own.

I encourage everyone, no matter the gender, to just hug and hold yourself as if you were hugging someone else deeply. Become comfortable with yourself.

Become comfortable with gently running your fingers across your skin. Becoming familiar with yourself and your body’s reactions.

Understanding why places are sensitive or why places are triggers. You have to learn and love your body’s language, because if you don’t how can someone else?

The lines you draw and the boundaries you set for others, are unconsciously set by the way you treat yourself.

You showing others how much you love and respect yourself, indirectly lets them know how they must love and respect you too. It also effectively communicates to your partner how to love you.

Everything you seek in the world, are those things that are filtered out from your reality. Your wants, needs, desires, fears, triggers, and centered place.

So, create your own reality and shift your own energy. Zone in and focus on you and your body. Learn and listen to what it is saying. And never be ashamed of the pleasure it brings.

Learn and indulge in those things that bring happiness and awareness to your temple. Take ownership and explore what is yours.

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