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msbutterflylib A poet I was born, A writer I've become
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All poems and quotes are created under my pen names, MsButterfly and GYC.

I'm really thankful that I found Commaful. It really been a good outlet for my feelings that I can't share with the people I know.

Pen and Paper

by MsButterfly



I knocked and knocked You still turn your back I shouted your name But you hid, ashamed.

I want you to remember That I am real That I cry for you But you cannot feel.

You buried me To the deepest part that you cannot see

I am just an emotion Yet for you...I am your poison.


Pain is like being caught in a whirlpool. For a moment you can see the surface...but then you'll start to drown again.


This life is not a novel. No one will erase your wrong decisions or edit your mistakes. There's no one writing your story for you. Wake up.



I'm cold and alone Barely living, barely breathing I can feel the chill in my bone Inside me slowly creeping.

I tried to shout but I can't speak No one can hear, no one can see I tried to run but I'm so weak There's no one here but me.

I'm trapped inside the chasm of existence Dying alone, dying on my own way You won't see unless you keep your distance. Keeping a smile, pretending to be okay.

I am barely living, barely breathing No one can hear, no one can see I am dying alone, dying on my own way Keeping a smile, pretending to be okay.

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