To those who break you
To those who break you stories

mrx"Light from a burning bridge”.
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You called yourself a friend, didn't you? Or do you mean "friend"?

To those who break you

do they really?

because maybe they make you

because without them

would you have the tolerance?

to tolerate tragedy?

to a friend..

to an old ex-friend I say

thank you

but also

FUCK you

you left

and that's fine

but without you

I'm so sublime

yet more independent because of your crime

to a lover

an old ex-lover

thank you

but also

FUCK you

for leaving

when I needed you the most?

but maybe it was perfect that you left at that specific time

because now I know to turn to myself and feel fine

those of you who broke my heart

the list is endless

so thank you for teaching me about pain and how to deal with it

but just as equally I'd also like to say

FUCK you.

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