Time heals nothing
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mrx"Light from a burning bridge”.
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time heals no wounds, it just numbs them to the outside pressure

Time heals nothing

Remember darling?

Remember the days in which you caressed my hair and said forever?

were they ever real?

huh? were they?

they say time heals all wounds

but you know what i’ve found out?

time just allows you to get used to the pain

because in actuality

the more time that passes

the more of a reality your absence becomes

i know we spent little time together

but just like time is no indicator of whether a wound has healed

time is also no indicator of how much it took to fall for you

remember how pretty you were? probably still are

remember your eyes? green in the day but darker at night

remember your smile? your laugh?

remember your silence that filled a room with speech because of a presence you held that was that strong?

remember your skin? like silk it was, smooth, white, spotless.

the only thing I don’t remember about you is the part of you that left

not because I actually don’t remember

but because I never knew that part of you ever existed until you broke to me the news

the news that we were no longer

despite the pain, heartbreak and misery

I still care for you, pretty. even if you’re a whole reality away

you know what i still think about?

I think about what would have been had I not lost you

but then it would just be another relationship, wouldn’t it?

maybe i’m just obsessing over you because you’re gone.

either ways, goodbye. I wonder if I cross your mind like you cross mine.

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