perhaps not today darling
perhaps not today darling stories

mrx"Light from a burning bridge”.
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It’s 200 floors high but break the base and it’s all gone

perhaps not today darling

but maybe not even tomorrow

so will you wait for me

even if besides me stands someone who is already at the goal I’m working towards?

will you wait for me so that memories and time will create a fond bond between us?

will you wait for me so that in the future you can say I was with him when he was nothing?

or will you go? will you go and chase after the immediate short pleasure and ruin whatever long term happiness we could have had?

because if you want to leave, you can and I’ll be sad but mostly for you

Mostly for the mistake you could have avoided

I’ll be sad for the future we’ll no longer ever have but I’ll be sadder for you because you have to live with the weight of killing all our possibilities

don’t get me wrong, I’ll love you, endlessly, perhaps forever.

But I can only ever be a hawk to you

I can only ever watch from very far away

and I’ll call you the flower who got away

I’ll admire you from afar as I imagine you for who you used to be before it all went down the drain

I’ll be fearful of ever getting close because I fear the moment you open your mouth I’ll remember all that you have done that caused us to no longer be.

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