Damaged Goods
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mrx"Light from a burning bridge”.
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From a lover to a heart-breaker.

Damaged Goods

by mrx

What a cold heart I now have.

Remember when I used to text you all day?

Remember when I used to make sure you’re home after dates?

Remember how many hearts i’d send you?

Remember how sensitive I was to how you’re feeling?

Remember how I always cared?

How I always checked on you?

And all that was never given back

But it didn’t matter to me

Until one day

I got crushed

And now..

The monster that I have become

Is beyond me

I apologize to the ones who came after you

See how I never text now?

Never call

Don’t walk you home

Never send hearts

Don’t care how you feel

Never check on you

I apologize to the ones who come after you

For you have made a monster out of a delicate heart

To the ones who come after her;

I promise I feel

I’m just too stone cold to act on my feelings anymore.

I’m sorry.

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