A Disadvantage Is An Advantage
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mrx"Light from a burning bridge”.
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When we can no longer see, we hear more.

A Disadvantage Is An Advantage

by mrx

Is a disadvantage an advantage?

Ever thought of that?

Let me explain

We often put so many excuses in front of us

As to why we’re not getting things done

And sometimes we think it’s because we’re cursed

Or it’s because we’ve got it harder than others

Or there’s some specific hindrance in our way

And everyone else who’s succeeding is just blessed

What if I told you that’s wrong.

What if I told you even the successful suffer

But they just don’t give up

And lastly,

What if I told you that your disadvantage

Whatever it may be

Can actually be an advantage if you allow it to?

Run with 5 kilograms on your ankles for a month

Then take the weight off and you’ll feel like you can fly

Learn to operate under whatever disadvantage you think you have

Then learn to stop limiting yourself with limiting beliefs.

The extent to which you can excel is immeasurable

Stop telling yourself you can’t.

You can, you’re just not really trying

Are you?

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