Harry Potter Triva (Part 2)
Harry Potter Triva (Part 2) hp stories

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Harry Potter Triva (Part 2)

Fact One Gilderoy Lockhart was hired as a joke. For all his flaws, it did really seem like Albus Dumbledore cared about the quality of education at Hogwarts, so it’s baffling that he decided to hire the bumbling and self-aggrandizing Gilderoy Lockhart to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Dumbledore also told McGonagall that there was a lot that students could learn from bad teachers, such as “what not to do, how not to be.” That’s basically Dumbledore’s

Claims that the headmaster simply thought it would be funny to hire an idiot. This is actually … kind of true. According to Pottermore, it was nearly impossible to find someone to take the DA post because it was cursed.

Dumbledore knew Lockhart was a fake and thought hiring him would lead to the wizard eventually to the wizard eventually expose his own incompetence. version of saying, “We’re going to watch this fool get owned by some twelve-year-olds and it’s going to be great.”

Fact Two James and Sirius had two way mirrors. Sirius and James were best friends all through school. They first met on the Hogwarts Express and became fast friends shortly afterward. James and Sirius were also particularly mischievous, even for Hogwarts students. As a result, they spent quite a bit of time separated and in detention.

When they were facing punishment, though, they had a way to communicate with one another. Through two-way mirrors, they were always able to speak with one another. One of those two-way mirrors eventually passed on to Harry. It was in that mirror that Harry first saw Aberforth Dumbledore, and it’s how Dobby saved him and his friends from Malfoy Manor.

Fact Three Harry's Family has ties to America. We don’t learn much about the magical world outside of England in Harry Potter, but thankfully, J.K. Rowling loves the world she created. In advance of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, she began to explain how the American magical world worked.

One of the things that we learned is that there were originally 12 American aurors in the 18th century, and one of them was named Abraham Potter. Potter is a super common last name, but J.K. confirmed that they were related when she wrote that Abraham’s relationship to Harry was uncovered centuries after the American auror had died.

Bonus Fact Four Harry is a descendent from the Peverells. One of the very first items Harry picks up as he traverses the world of magic is an invisibility cloak. That invisibility cloak is a nifty tool, but it also turns out to be one of the Deathly Hallows. The cloak came from James which means that Harry inherited it when he died.

It also means that James is descended from the third Peverell brother in The Tale of the Three Brothers, and Harry is as well. The Potter line is quite long, and it contains a lot of interesting tidbits. None are more interesting than this detail, though, which suggests that James’s ancestry went with death willingly, when the time came.

Hi, fans so this is the second part of Harry Potter Theories, hope u enjoyed it.

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