Why Stephen Curry Never Should Have Been NBA Champion
Why Stephen Curry Never Should Have Been NBA Champion stories
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Why Stephen Curry Never Should Have Been NBA Champion

by Tam Pham

Growing up, everyone told him he was too small

As a high school sophomore, Stephen was 5'6 and 125 pounds. He lacked strength, size, and toughness.

He had to shoot from his waist.

When Stephen was young, he would have to shoot from his waist because he wasn’t strong enough to shoot it over his head.

No college even wanted Steph.

He wasn’t even rated as a high school recruit… that’s how much no one recognized him. Even Virginia Tech, his father's alma mater, didn't really want him.

Throughout his whole life, he was an underdog.

Davidson gave him a chance.

The coach, Bob McKilop ,believed in Curry. All the other coaches saw Curry’s weaknesses but Coach McKilop saw brilliance.

Curry was on fire.

During their first game, down 18, Davidson put Curry in the starting lineup to start the second half. In the 2nd game, he dropped 32 points to win the game.

Curry continued to prove everyone wrong

He’s grown to 6'3 by his sophomore year. His games continued to be on FIRE. He dropped 40 against Gonzaga, and 2 days later, he dropped 30 on Georgetown.

He decided to go to the NBA.

In Curry’s junior year, he led the nation in scoring. Averaging 32 points a game, Stephen declared for the 2009 NBA Draft.

Curry was again, an underdog.

He heard the same things that haunted him after high school. “He’s too small for the NBA.” “He’s not strong enough and can’t handle the bigger dogs”

Despite being the underdog, he had an insane work ethic

"Probably the most impressive thing that he did, was as soon as every workout was over, he would not leave the court until he swished five free throws in a row."

Can you imagine having a dream you wanted so bad?

And even when everyone told you that you were crazy / foolish / small or that you would never ever ever ever make it… you worked 10 times harder?

No one 10 years ago would have expected this.

Stephen Curry would be the crowned the Most Valuable Player and win an NBA Championship.

Make sure you live in the moment, & work your butt off

In his MVP speech: Make sure you live in the moment, and work your butt off every single day. And I hope I inspire all around the world to be themselves, be humble..."

He had the physical and mental toughness

To rise above everyone and succeed. He never should have won an NBA Championship but he DID. In great fashion and with awesome company.

Congrats to the Warriors. You all truly deserve it.

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