Complications complicated stories

mrsynchonicity your heart whispers, listen closely
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we all begin to learn in time


In life we live , We do, we learn. We sink , we drink, we burn. We look up, we look down, We take for granted what is always around. We make things more complex .

When it comes to friends, when it comes to sex. Casual connections, fake affection, oh did i mention, you're just like the rest of them. Not I , i said, not even when iam dead.

I am the 3% that will move ahead. Why do you make it complicated? Being real today is complicated. If you're not with the crowd your so outdated.

I use to yearn, i use to lust until i saw what i have is enough. A handful of faces I really trust, that's all i need no need to fuss.

thank you for the trees, thank you for the fruits, thank you for my knees, thank you for roots. thank you for my heart, thank you for my roof, thank you for negativity being so aloof.

thank you for my girl thank you for my world, thank you for prosperity, it's comes to me naturally. Life is hard, life will scar, but complicated is statement of who you are. The trick is to believe , in the beauty you see, and focus on the georgous sea, the dark forest, the city lights glistening. I will see you on the other side, when you are ready , it just takes time.

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