What is True Love?
What is True Love? marriage stories

mrscastor 19 Years Young
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I wrote this for my husband, as we went through a tough time recently. I wanted to try and describe to him what my love for him means and how to describe my love for him.

What is True Love?

How does one describe the feeling of being in love with another? To me, it’s impossible. Instead, you can describe the moments.

The moment you first laid your eyes on them, the first kiss, the first sexual encounter, and the moment they proposed to you and made you theirs forever.

Marriage is a funny thing because it comes when you least expect it. You can talk about it for a long time, or a short time, but you never actually expect it to happen.

To me, it was a surprise, despite the fact that we talked about it. I never thought I'd find the one, the one for me.

It’s funny how the universe works, it throws you curveballs all the time, like a pitcher from your favorite baseball team. It shows you how strong you are, but at the same time, how weak too.

I am strong with you, but without you, I’d be helpless. The universe shows you three major love interests in your life.

The first one, teaches you a valuable lesson, one that should not be taken lightly. The second one hurts you and may seem like it broke you.

You will learn to trust and forgive again, but this one was not worthy of your time. The last one, the final one, is the one you are meant to be with.

The one who builds you, and helps you grow stronger. The one who gives you that light you’ve spent years searching for, the one who shows you the way.

He is the one that will cherish you, and love you.

He will be there for you, through thick and thin He will be the one to show you that love isn’t a lesson to be learned, or painful, it's erotic, a treasure and a pleasure.

You will only come by this kind of love once in your life, and when it’s there, don’t ever let it go. He is the angel in your nightmare, the guardian who will always keep you safe.

He is the one that will guide you when you are lost and feel as if there is no clear direction to go.

He is the one that will show you what true love feels like, but not teach you how to describe it. The feeling of true love is not something to be described, it’s to be felt, and cherished.

It’s the memories, smiles, laughs, and heartaches too. See, true love is not all rainbows and butterflies. True love makes you work hard, and it can be bumpy.

But when the road is bumpy, and the sky seems to fall, gather yourself. Remember that true love is hard, it’s something you must work for.

If you truly are in love, you will always come back together, despite how rough it could get. The rough times make you stronger, not only as an individual but together.

You build, and grow, together. You love, and cherish, together. You will walk the road together, and learn every curve it has.

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