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Marie, Virginia

Marie, Virginia

Home, sweet home,

You are

Where I belong.

You found me with weary heart and troubled mind,

Only to gift me shelter; an embrace so kind.

An old friend, grasping my hand,

Taught me every street; every path.

She walked with me through the old park's trees,

Planting in me, history's seeds.She showed me her home, in downtown Marie.

The heart of the city, it welcomed me.

The city was sketched on the back of my hand;

A tattoo I held close, from my old friend.

I knew every street; I knew every path.

I knew a citizen's commitment to make Marie last.

To tend to the beautiful fields of Baby's Breath that flourished by my old friend's home.

To admire and care for those treasured, green pools in the park.

To--feel--every contour and curve in the city's architecture.

To adore the auburn leaves gracing the trees...

And the rain--oh, the rain. How the rain dressed Marie so gorgeously.

The cool, fresh air would settle in content,

While the city would wait for the rain to soothe it.

The rain promised beauty, serenity;

A glistening reflection of the real Marie.

It wasn't long before I built a house of my own:

One of comfort,

One of content--

One right next to my old friend.

Home, sweet home,

You are

Where I want to be.

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