Dreams of Pining
Dreams of Pining stories

mrmostaflesCommunity member
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Dreams of Pining

It won’t be too long before the coldest warmth floods my skull.

Sometimes you choose to latch onto my heart with your lips like a parasite,

yet others you grasp at my hand with your own like a longing specter.

Caught in the undertow of my subconscious, I’ve never felt more alive.

Dulled to the rose colored water, I can’t see you for what you are

and I’m in love.

I’m 16 again,

and my lungs are filling with nostalgia and pure joy.

Peering through the particulate memories floating around me I can see your smile;

with my arms out, slowly you embrace me to help in buoyant fondness.

The ocean we’re in doesn’t feel cold when you’re near.

Even as we reside beneath the writhing waves,

you calm my nerves like my mother’s voice.

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