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mrinfamous Unknown
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What goes on in my mind ??

The Infamous Chronicles


Let's say my name is infamous, just a guy in a population of 7.8 billion, sitting at home and thinking about the last 5 years of his life.

Oh I forgot to mention I'm 23 years old and turning 24 in 2 month. I'm writing down the things that go on in my mind to feel a bit less saturated.

I think so much it's like there is a train station in my head. Trains keep going and coming, but never stopping at any platform; making so much noise that drives me crazy.

The trains "represent my thoughts" which I keep thinking on (the noise) but never come to a conclusion (never stopping at any platform).

Our world is so small yet so vast that it scares me sometime. When I am at home I feel safe, relaxed and also the warmth that keeps me sane.

But outside it's a cold and dark place stretching as far as your eyes can see; unknown dangers lurking in the shadows of lamp posts emitting light making you feel protected which are

actually baits luring you to the dark outside world and slowly turning you into one of them.

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