The Idol of Hopes
The Idol of Hopes stories

mrigangkhiduttaCommunity member
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Is god within us? ,, in our hope? ,in our soul,,, or is she/ he is just our imagination
This is my first poetry...hope you like it

By: Mrigangkhi Dutta

The Idol of Hopes

by Mrigangkhi Dutta

Spellbound I stand

In front of your steady eyes

Surrounded by souls hoping to get a grip on their lives

Puissance radiating from your lifeless skin

Is enough to obliviate our so many sins

Folded hands and ceaseless chants march towards your superior land

Can't you see there's chaos all around

Just to get a handful of your holy ground

'cause mortals believe you are the only hope

When the light dies away and there lives no scope

Is this who we really are

Begging for mercy and forging scars

You,the creator ,shaped a creation

Blinded by superstitions, divided by nationsz

Where humanity is silent and cruelty speaks loud

To even those who can't hear a single sound

Thus ,I pray to you, my dear God

Don't let us be ruled by the devil with an iron rod.

Instead,tell us where can you be found?

With nothing left except love to bound.

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