Damnation & Revival
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A lil' food for thought . No offense .

Damnation & Revival

Does it really matter who we are ? Does it matter who we choose to be , if not what we know we really are .

Teary eyed gleams of perfection that we strive to attain , we forge our swords & shields in the pits of our own fiery hells .

we have our demons to fight , our sorrows to hide , our misconceptions & beliefs as silly as they might seem , are what we supposedly should hold onto .

For they're said to define us. Narrowing down our sad masochistic , pessimistic , existence in the world , notwithstanding if it matters or not into streamlined flows of material happiness.

The 7 deadly sins are what we indeed go for & grow towards . For it's humanity's aspirations to satisfy his carnal desires .

& we are but mortal instruments to the bigger plan . For we are in the endgames.

For we are born - warriors , trained in blasphemy to abide by certain laws . Henceforth arises the question , What is Blasphemy?

In its truest & purest forms , rebellion against the particularities & the peculiarities of life itself is blasphemy .

We as inherent humans are supposed to follow on blind footsteps in sands of time that might or might not have been manipulated by our fellow - kin themselves .

We are to abhor & loath evil , while granting worship to the all foreseeing , omnipotence of the great supreme(s) .

For when has it ever been sanctioned or taken into account that humans are what ailment our world has.

We are the swarms of locusts on the fields .

We are Beelzebub - for like flies do we not roam around spoiling food for thought & nutrition , we are what gluttony suggests ?

We are Leviathan - For do we not rage in envy ?

We are azmodeus - For do we not lust towards materialistic pleasures?

We are amon - For do we not wrath against our fellow humans?

We are Mamon - For do we not greedily cease everything we can't have ?

We are Belphegor - For do we not sloth in procrastination ?

Why ,

Are we not Lucifer - For do we not serenade in our pride ?

Why is it that we attribute all this to evil ? If we know , we are human , we are human , & these are what make us so .

We constitute good & evil , & does it matter not what we choose to define ourselves as ?

Why should it be that what's forbidden is what we desire & what we have is sacrifice ?

Why are our carnal desires forbidden ?

& so do we live long & prosper .. or .. Do We ???

Do remember , the Morningstar liveth .

For he is the light bringer , the harbinger of light .

For he is the black sun & the dragon’s eye .

For he knows us for what we really are.

& treats us so .

For He is the firstborn ,

For He is what we are .

For He is the rebel with a cause .

For He is the Light in the dark .

Ave Satanasi

Regie Satanasi

Hail Lucifer.

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