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mrdaiboii Community member
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When love blooms to doom.


She's in jeopardy. The love I had planned for her ended terribly

It's infinity

The pain I have bloomed in her, measures infinitely, Above every smile I gave, And all the love we made.

Such a shame

How the days that are darkest cast a shade over our brightest days How the love we shared could come to a sudden end How do we mend? What time has no time to heal What heart can no longer feel

What an ordeal

Drawing circles around the things we lost As we square up to the broken things we've found. Searching in the mirror for something once beautiful and once profound Now lost in the memories of the distant past Scents out of the range of a basset hound A love this lost can never be found.

All that's left is voids and hate Despair and darkness open her gates The terror comes out to those that wait The horror will strike a face to face And this meeting will surely conclude your hopeless fate.

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