Opposite of normal Part 4
Opposite of normal 
Part 4  suspense stories

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Opposite of normal Part 4

Before reading part 4 make sure you have read part 1,2,3

"you can come with us" one creature said I didn't know how to answer this question but i thought about it "no I really don't want to go with you, I have a family that needs me." I walked out the room

FBI agents and police surround the door, with guns up "DON'T MOVE"A police said "I didn't do anything"i screamed "let her go"one of the FBI agents said "we will look on the cameras. Once they let me go I ran out the door.I didn't want to be here anymore

I got home and my dad was right there at the table "I heard what happened at school today." I looked down He continued "Now they sad you were a suspicious person in this case" "dad" I interrupted "it wasn't me" I ran I didn't want to be with my family either

The creatures approached me as i run out my door. "so now you want to come with us"one creature said "yes"

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