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when words don't count

By: wilfrid komaclo

by mr_wil

When words don’t count anymore,

When time becomes our worst enemy

When love becomes a lost fight

When life chooses others over us,

I will still choose you

I will always be there

I will make life together a fairy tail

I will make your smile brighter than the sparkle in your eyes

And I will show the world that only you matter.

I bless the day I met you

I met you when you were lost

But I was lost when I met you

I never one day thought of being your friend

To think of being your partner

We lived on different clouds and our hearts beat on different rhythms

You made me realize that love is not about who we are but what we are

And yes I was in love and so were you.

I still remember how many times we almost gave up

But love still conquered

How does a man live without such a beautiful soul?

How could I have survived without you?

How can life be, without your smile?

How can I smile if you aren’t mine?

Only love could have answered. And yes it did baby!

If you ever feel lonely, look around

Yes do Coz I will be there, right by your side to show you how much I love you

To tell you that you’re all I want.

And even if my words don’t count, my heart will tell you that I love you.

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