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Murder case. Solved. It is with different weapon.


On an evening walk, while sun is setting up and warm breeze is touching my heart making me vibrant, I saw a guy who is sad and looking at lonely canal with sunken rocks.

Slowly I went to him and told "Hii". He didn't reply and didn't even noticed me. When I touched him, he sounded Ahh and said hii.

I asked him why are you sad he told:

I am working on a murder case, I saw three bodies in house, he murdered them with some unknown thing. He broke ones head, he broke spinal cord and at last he broke ribs.

I can't find what he used to break them. Telling that he is becoming sad.

Talking to him I asked how many cases you solved. He told he solved more than 150 cases.

I am stunned by listening to that and told him you solved them, then why are you sad, I think you can solve this if you think peacefully. The man left telling i will try.

The next day when I went to walk I saw him happy and looking at bright sunset Filled with clouds. I asked him did you solve that case, what is murder weapon.

He told I went to murder spot flaming my mind, and started looking around, I saw tea glasses broken, I saw something missing and searched for it, outside the house i saw it,

which is Moulded into shape of head.

Telling that he told due to calmness I found and he is happy which made me happy.

#0likes0coments Think peacefully, you will get solution for anything. Remember this....

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