Episode #4
Episode #4 #0likes0coments stories

mr_invisible Happy days are awaiting for you........
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Preview Lux, merlin and Sam are trapped in cage

Episode #4


Lux, merlin and Sam are trapped in cage


They tried to break that cage, but no use. Suddenly a green light fell on them.......

And a cute voice came out telling, hi max. He told hi... That voice told here is video last sent by your mom, the video played.

Before disappearing, her mom told I am going to use this serum, the serum of black and she used it, and travelled 500 light years in a second, and landed on a planet....

The unknown planet, her ship is destroyed, she slowly walked and found road, she is badly injured. looking at her a vehicle stopped on road, she took black serum,

And injected in a little girls body and fell down. The video ended there.

Cage disappeared, max is thinking how to find that planet, He asked AI, it told that there is a ship in bratez bettalian base, which can attain light speed without destroying,

with your serum power you can find her, it told to take it with them in a memory drive.

They sneaked into base , lux told merlin and Sam to distract the security, as he told merlin and Sam attacked the base, lux went into ship and used that memory drive,

the AI installed in it and took control over ship, the ship started flying it flew high, merlin and Sam entered ship, they flew into space, of of them started chasing,

AI told lux use his full power gain light speed....

Will he able to find the planet? Will he able to find the girl? Will he able to find his mom? Is she alive? Or dead? What is the planet he is going to reach

#0likes0coments Yep this part might be little boring, on going it would be awesome.

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