Episode #1
Episode #1  #0likes0coments stories
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A boy, not aware of his ultimate powers , he has set on the path to find his mom ... His journey will depict his future, his hard work and all the upcoming obstacles.

Episode #1


Max fell in powerful light and screamed MoMM..


That scream of Max reached his mom and dad's ears, within seconds they reached near Max with sorrowful tears falling from their eyes.

They took his son out of light and half of his body is destroyed like a mountain destroyed after a big blast. And it is burning with black energy.

Of a sudden Laura told its time to reveal secret, william told even it is dangerous we have to reveal it. Williams hurried to the lab and took a box out from vaccum storage and opened it.

An intense light energy released from the box, the officers of lumens and dumens noticed the energy signature is like energy of light from poles.

Laura took white serum from the box and used it on Max and diluted the energy in his body . The officers came in search of energy signature.

Williams told I will manipulate officers and told to take care of black serum and he left,

the officers are chasing him they started shooting with hydrogen canons and he got hit with that canon and the ship is destroyed as well big blast destroyed near by place too.

By watching that Laura clan is crying and she went to lumens hospital and left Max there. The officers started chasing her due to energy signature. And she went into space.

Lumens and dumens shooted her surrounding her. Of a sudden with blink of light she disappeared.

What happed to max mom? Is she alive or dead? Will max able to survive? If will will officers catch him instead of his parents?

#0likes0coments Next part will be on next Saturday until then bye. You can give review and suggestion and you can comment what might happens next.

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