Get Your Nasty Party Pole Out of Nellie Cake's Bass Hole!
Get Your Nasty Party Pole Out of Nellie Cake's Bass Hole! bass stories
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Therapeutic Humor

Get Your Nasty Party Pole Out of Nellie Cake's Bass Hole!

Nellie Cake had a sweet, quiet, beautiful, remote Bass hole, and sorely hates when nasty party poles trash her. Nasty party poles bring or attract many other nasty party poles, even dangerous and strange party poles.

Her Bass hole was surrounded by a gorgeous, peaceful thick woods with lots of trees, heavy shrubbery, vines, different berries, fruit trees, mean thorn bushes, and many wild animals lived there and were Nellie Cake's neighbors.

She was aways back off the main roads, hidden from society and the highways by Mother Nature.  Nellie Cake's scenery was breath-taking and refreshed my soul core. Her Bass hole was stocked well with huge Bass and catfish by Mother Nature's perfect eco system.

Her resources were plentiful. If nasty party poles get in they steal her resources, trash her place, camp out, burn her residence and neighbors. She's experienced what nasty party poles will do to her resources. She's been exposed, used and destroyed by nasty party poles many times over many years.

Each time a nasty party pole finds her Bass hole they bring many nasty party poles who party, trash, steal all of Nellie Cake's Bass, catfish, fruit, wood, and resources. They build fires and burn down everything around her Bass hole, burning out her neighbors.

For many years she depended on Mother Nature to replenish her resources each time her Bass hole was destroyed by nasty party pole's family and friends.  Many times she lay in a waste, her land destroyed by fires they started. It took a lot of years for Mother Nature to heal and replenish her resources each time. ​

But the scars of her burned scenery was evidence that this was once a thriving forest and Bass hole. The scorched remains were always present as a reminder of what nasty party poles can and will do. I know this story to be true. For many years I sat among her beauty enjoying the quiet alone after working two shifts.

Except for the uproarious forest creatures there were no city noises or city people. I never told or brought anyone. It was hard and eerie to get to her Bass hole. I fought through brier and blackberry bushes with mean thorns, burned forestry, and vines.

There were a lot of snakes, moccasins, wild dogs, boars, owls, and dangerous creatures, but her beauty and serenity when I made my way to her Bass hole was worth it. This was the greatest thing to me to have a private place to go to get away from my boyfriend's abuse, people, concrete, and society. 

Nellie Cake was minding her own business basking in her beauty when the nastiest of nasty party poles and his family came with plastic, glass, trash, alcohol, drugs, fights, fires, and parties. They set up camp constantly casting nasty poles, fish baskets, nets, trot-lines, and draining all her Bass, catfish, turtles, and brim.

They destroyed her eco system. They stole all her fruit, berries, nuts, and cut down all the trees, shrubbery and even the nasty thorn bushes for their fires. They exposed her to the public, the highways and society. Truck loads of strange nasty party poles started coming to her Bass hole to camp out, steal resources, trash her place, and build fires.

They were throwing plastic, glass containers and paper products in her Bass hole. They stole all resources, all fish, burned the forest, and left her in eerie burned ruins. From the highway all you see to the right on this country road is a burned down forest and Nellie Cake's dried up Bass hole.

Mother Nature couldn't revive her Bass hole. So in her sadness she was desolate, shriveled and her Bass hole dried up. She became a waste land so scary and ugly that everyone avoids looking in her direction. It's sad, but no party poles can go there anymore. 

Twenty years later I drove past ole' Nellie's Bass hole to see how she had fared since it had been so long. I missed her being my comfort zone. Her area was so grown over that I had to go down the road to park at a shopping mall.

Restaurants, businesses, buildings, houses, and malls has been erected all around her. But she remains intact, unharmed and not even affected by the concrete generation who has invaded her area and all the past nasty party poles who destroyed her. 

I parked at the new nearby mall and walked to try to get in to see if there was a Bass hole behind this gorgeous wall Mother Nature had built, but I couldn't get in. I was so happy that ole' Nellie Cake and Mother Nature is working together to keep all poles and especially nasty party poles out.

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