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To My Family

By: Reigna Golden

I don't get

by Reigna Golden

I don't get why people believe in me

I'm always messing up my life and my decisions are never right.

I don't get why you still care

when i don't even care about myself

I don't get why you are still trying

Trying to get me to change who i am personally

But one thing i will never get, no matter how many times i think about it.

I don't get why you still love me

even though i can never let you see my love for you

I'm sorry that i turned out this way

a way you never thought of me

But even though i try i will never get it right

The right way to stop thinking of all the bad and disappointing things.

But hopefully i will change for you and be a real part of the family again

I love you all Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother Love you all.

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