Oh Brother
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mothfatherr My name is Aza. I write poetry.
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Two brothers have a falling out.

Oh Brother

Oh Brother

When I heard your footsteps it dawned on me

Yours was the last face I'd ever see

The scale of face did not hear my pleas

Blood Curdling screams as you started to flee

You never learn do you

I am done with your games

You never learn do you

It's time to take the blame

Blood is pooling while I scream out your name

Oh brother

You know our minds work the same

I wanted to help you

But you always turn your back

It's funny you didn't have a clue

When you turned away and took off that mask

Oh brother

You'll see me in a dream

Oh brother

You're the reason why I screamed

Oh brother

This will haunt to the end

Your heart will never mend

Oh brother

I know I caused you pain

There's one thing I have to say

My foolish brother

Things will never be the same

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